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Originally Posted by usagi_tetsu View Post
I would say so. Shocktech's 2009 SFL 'cocker was about the last good production run 'cocker I can think of, and that was 2 years ago. I think even CCM stopped doing 'cockers longer ago than that to focus on Snipers.
They were one of many to get a C&D from WGP so they had to stop making 'cockers.
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I'm also betting April Fool's.

If not, disappointed that they are all drilled for Eblades and stuff.
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Planét éclipsé postéd a vidéo montagé from discovéring thé parts to finishéd product.

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éxcépt thats a gif so your doing a april fools
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Is this legit? I wanna see them though (: maybe I'll do a project!
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No, not from what I've been able to find out.
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I really want to make one of these markers now. I think they'd be pretty awesome.
Originally Posted by heinous View Post
i find this easy to masturbate to
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Its ironic as the joke will actually be on PE when they see the reponse of all of those who want them vs. the thousands of dollars of revenue they wont be able to capture with unfulfillable orders.

It puts the hands in the air or it gets the paint again.
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I was just thinking yesterday if we made enough noise could we get WGp (or whatever it is now) to start making real cockers again and ditch those abomination trilogy things. It would be nice to have a good high end mech out there again.
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