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Derelict Cranium
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They got the barrel design from National Geographic; a snake half done digesting it's meal.

Overall I think it's a pretty classy though.
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Originally Posted by jdlarson11 View Post
price is $1849
I lol'd. Maybe it'll turn out to be one of those guns where the release of the next year's model cuts the value in half.
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Originally Posted by jincay View Post
Some might find that a turn on, I cater to differing tastes by including a hot chic and a middle aged overweight guy in a mankini.
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Originally Posted by jdlarson11 View Post
price is $1849
Good going Eclipse. Another Ego that will be worth $1000 dollars in a few months.
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u thought you could not have gold color paintgun in nppl since of yellow color paint.
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not impressed. so they finally realized milling alone isn't enough so they come up with fancy colors, so what.
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this is like that neat machine from the movie "Contact" with Jodie Foster, everyone had to sit for hours and hours to finally see it, and then it did nothing to forward mankind's exploration of the universe.....

wonder if Jake Busey will blow this thing up too :S

wonder who thought gold plating / gold itself and silver are good precious metals for a contact sport.....

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yep, looks like an etek....i mean ego....yay....

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Originally Posted by splatmaster12 View Post
If I didn't play pump I wouldn't play, simple as that.
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hmmmm, it reminds me of something.....

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OwS Clan
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EXTREMELY disappointed in Planet Eclipse after seeing this.

It is pure hideous


I was really looking forward to seeing the next SL gun.
Gold, Silver, and Black. That's great. If they don't make any other colors, I don't see how this gun could possibly sell with its typical $1800+ "SL" Price tag.
And they keep changing the barrel!!! Once you get it right (Shaft 2 or 3) you should stop changing it. At least Dye got it right. Eclipse has really gone overboard trying to make a dollar.

Also I'd like to point out that carbon fiber is really gay, especially on a stock barrel. It only makes sense to put carbon fiber on your ricer, even then I think it's still silly.

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.681? none of the paint i use is that small. what brands are? then again I use cheap paint.
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