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Originally Posted by mpsd View Post
^^ LOL That's just mean...

Now, back on topic, Mel, did you guys consider internal airlines instead of macro? With that ASA and frame, and with the airline going so close to the marker body's it looks like being something very feasible.
The problem with that is it would raise the price of the marker, and it would add more orings to the marker, which is just another thing that can go wrong. Also it eliminates their super sexy fittings that they have
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I don't want internal airlines, I like it just the way it is! I love the fittings and its less stuff to go wrong making it more user servicable.
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Originally Posted by grimace View Post
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Originally Posted by nerdcore View Post
That was worded better while you were hungover than most internet posts are while their writers are dead sober & pain free.

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I've decided this should be called the "R1"

Hear me out...

There's already the S series, and the T series...

S6, T2...

This can be the R1



The R will stand for "Replacement", because it will replace all others...

Ok, enough of that... Back to the drawing boards with the name. I can only imagine whatever they pick will work for me.
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skip the whole trademark K2 thing and because the letter K doesnt get enough love
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CCM "Zodiac" ???

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Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
Redheads, brass, and wood; it's an MCB thing....
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CCM I9 I could be anything and 9 because it goes well with I as does 6 for s and 2 for t.

edit: "Item 9"
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Love the fact it has new internal design, but I very much dislike the swoop at the back of the bottom tube. It makes me very happy that CCM has devoted so much effort into keeping us pump players so very happy.

I can't get past the swoop - it detracts from the rest of the marker, my eyes are drawn to it in every photo. Please do away with it.

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Originally Posted by Cyrus-the-virus View Post
Yes, EMR.

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Given the fact it's got that electro look which appears to be melding the two together is there a chance it will accept an electro trigger? I'm still loving the look of it for my first CCM, that is unless the sniper rifle comes out somewhat soon.

Back to the name thing, maybe the "Chameleon" looks like an electro but it's a pump that keeps up with electro's rate of fire!

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Originally Posted by russc View Post

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Has there been a shooting video?
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