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It's all good
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Just noticed something -- the grip pannels are held by not one but two screws? What's different in the frame?
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I happen to like the looks.
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I like it, and it was made to Rod's vision so not complaints on anything...
But, you can definitely see the lineage to a cut and pumped electro
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Originally Posted by Greenmtnphantom View Post
CCM is the gun that most of the pump tournament teams are turning to it seems. So it makes sense that what the "electro tourny players" find helpful or benificial, will also work well for pump tourny guns.
ill agree to a point, but one of the things i really like ccm is that while they are still a top of the line company, their guns stand out from any other gun with the distinct milling. with this gun i think it is a big step forward, but it sort of looks like they were gearing more for the electro crowd rather than sticking to their guns. just my opinion
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My heart sunk when I read about this since I JUST placed an order on a 6.5...

Luckily I don't like this one quite as much It's not bad but I'm not a fan of the looks, though the new upgrades do sound appealing. But between the looks and the addition of a threaded feedneck instead of the two bolt feedneck so I can't use a SCFT, I'll be sticking with the 6.5.

But awesome work keeping us on our toes CCM, it's cool to see innovation on such a commonly used platform! Can't wait to see what you guys come up with next!
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Wonder how you remove the 'front block', looks like you can get easier access to the valve...ect
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It's certainly unique-looking.... Not sure if I'm really feeling the look or not, I think I have to see it in some other color schemes and such first. But it definitely has some cool gadgetry.

I would like to second the "will it be available with a .45 frame?" question.
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Anyone want to place bets that this will be in our hands before the metadyne or bob long pump?
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