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Originally Posted by desertT1 View Post
There will still be a year-less EGO after the '11, so more or less you could consider it a '12 for the first year.
but the ego 11 will be extra special because it's the last of its kind! it's gotta worth way more!!!!!111!!!1!1
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Typical for british engineering, They used up their last new idea by making the Ego go to 11.
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Thank god. I have been saying that the Ego has gotten old. Time to move on.
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Originally Posted by Tohri View Post
Typical for british engineering, They used up their last new idea by making the Ego go to 11.
Well played sir!

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just like most said. they ran out ideas they can do with this gun. so have to put it on back board in till the find more things to improve on. other thing is with way people in usa still not making a lot cash still. it would be better hold of for awhile them come out with one. since can still sell old ego 11 for same price or mark it down to 1,300 or so and still make lager amount of cash still. why bright something out that will cause last year maker go down to low. in price. if people can not afford new model they spend it on older model. comes down who can afford new models every year or people waiting for them come way to low. do a lot of stores make or lose money on having to many older models still in stock. i see like this they lose money of to much older stock and not being able get full price for them.
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I can almost guarantee that they will do this like MacDev is doing with the Cyborg and the Droid/Clone

They will alternate releases of the Geo's and Ego's either annually alternating them or every two years alternating them (I bet annually though) It is smart because it makes them not have two guns compete in the market at once. And it makes people want the new gun more because they know the resale will be better for longer on it.

If they dont release them like that I would be surprised.
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Bet now they are reverse engeneering a G6R and adding their own special touches for their next evolution.
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finally not going to take off a .000001 of a gram of weight and slap a new name on it....
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It's about time along with most of you I think this should have been a long time ago. I wonder what the pricing will be when they produce a new one in a couple of years. I like the idea of waiting till you have a major change to produce a new marker.

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I see a lot of negativity here regarding the slowing down of the ego line. (As a side note I am not a big e-gun guy, I only have an ego 8, and I only use that for competition/practice with my team, otherwise I am using a pump or my classic mag.)

A lot of people are saying about time, PE cant sell them, etc. I am reasonably sure that PE is having no trouble selling them. While we can debate all day if the upgrades are worth it and such, (in my eyes they are not worth the price tag) PE is a business that makes a really quality product and stands behind it, there is a reason why people are still using ego 7s and 8s in competition today. There is a market out there for slightly improved markers, why not fill it. PE, like any company is just trying to make money, and they go a bit further by making a great product.
I was watching an interview, somewhere on youtube, with a couple of the guys from PE and the reason they are stopping is because they literally are getting close to zero realistic complaints about the gun, all the previous ones they had little things that people wanted changed so they too it into account, but not this one. I find it rather interesting from an engineering standpoint that they have almost "perfected" a gun in the public eye, which is extremely hard to do.
Personally, I am rather excited for this if they take it in the right direction, hopefully this will lead to a lot of work going into the geo line or maybe even a new marker.
Originally Posted by Agglet View Post
They probably talk to the guy at my field that pours mineral oil down his barrel to lube his marker.
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