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Originally Posted by heinous View Post
and i'd rather have noids that use o-rings for manifolds. it'd surely be fun hunting down proprietary seals to replace any possibly dried ones in the future after pe goes up to ego not-12.
Not that Planet Eclipse is bad about dropping product support or anything...
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My Ego7 came with the original cure bolt. I have never in my life chopped or clipped a ball in the stack. I can't ever remember the last time I had a barrel break in my gun. I have put over over 400,000 shots through this gun. A large portion of that is with tournament grade paint. I am not sure why I would ever need the Cure 2, 3, 3+ or 4.

As for not releasing a new guy every year, I might think about picking up a new ego/sls.
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I was hoping to pick up a Ego8 for like $300 over the next year or so. Dam you PE!!
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I don't know why people think the resale will level off. Unless you're PE sponsored or a fanboy, what's going to stop you from buying next year's model from one of the other manufacturer's and dumping your Ego11 for cheap to recoup some cost?

The problem isn't "new every year" syndrome from the manufacturers, it's "new every year" syndrome from the players, specifically those with the deep pockets to afford doing so to remain fashionable. Demand dictates not supply, people are not buying the latest model just because it's there, they're buying it because they want it for whatever (usually narcissistic) reason.
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The resale will level to an extent...ive owned a few pe guns

my ego11 just leveled ...the 12 would have came out at cup and killed the 11s??? drove the price way down...IMO this is a ...lets slow things down

and its not whats fashionable ive shot 7-11...if you like pe you like it...its personal preference
I shoot a Macdev as well....I like them too
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Originally Posted by ncbbh88 View Post
as of right now, i have yet to shoot a marker that rivals the ego 11 in efficiency, performance, and durability.
get a viking. visual appearance....ehhh........not so much.
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This is news? SP figured this out way back in 2003. Don't soak your customers for every penny year in and year out. Deliver leaps and bounds instead of milling and cosmetics.

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Originally Posted by the_chemist View Post
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I'll agree with you there George, and in that regard I think SP had the right idea. On the flipside though, I think they took a little bit too long to get back out there with genuinely new product and spent too much effort re-packaging the Ion for the umpteenth time. A new Shocker in 07-08 or getting the Impulse out then instead of 2 years later would probably have been a big success. Anyway, I guess that leaves me with "[/threadjack]" lol...
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