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Glenn Palmer was in a motorcycle accident.

Craig Posted in the palmer section but I wanted it to be seen.
Glenn's motorcycle accident

Glenn was in a motorcycle accident last Saturday (August 13th) in Montana. He is making good progress in recovery.

From the blog listed below, he has "Two broken wrist... Hospital had to fly in a special plate thus delaying surgery for a day.
Possible broken ribs
Small factures in a couple vertebra.... mostly those little bones that hold the muscle in place.
Fractured cheek bone and black eyes.
Not sure if he is missing any new teeth."

Craig has a ongoing blog following his recovery which can be found here. cp1

Edit: the blog is taken down since Glenn is Home.

He is also accepting donations through paypal as listed on the first page of the blog.

So lets show our emotional support, and if you have the means, your financial assistance!

Edit: Craig is giving a pps gift card to anyone who donated money as seen here Glenn Palmer was in a motorcycle accident.

From those that have met him or dealt with him you know he's a tough man to keep down and I am sure he's talking the ear off of anyone who passes by!

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Woah. That sux. Hope Mr. Palmer makes a speedy recovery, my prayers go out to him. Will check out the blog.
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If I didn’t know any better I would swear Glen was a cat the way he blows through lives.
We wish you a quick and speedy recovery, try and take it easy!
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Wow... I wish him a speedy and great recovery!
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Wow! :-(

Glad he's ok, all things considered. Will be keeping he and his family and friends in my prayers, and here's hoping for a speedy recovery.
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Speedy recovery!


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Best wishes, Glenn!

I might have to order some brass to show my support.
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Get better soon Craig!
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Get better soon
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Get well Glenn. We ain't done with you yet!
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