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Awesome! I always like hearing about the origins of Paintball. I got to see one of the markers used in the very first game of Paintball at this years Monster Game in Pinckney Michigan. They wouldn't let me hold it though
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So.... any pics of this new marker yet? Does it have eyes and ramping?
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starts off small at first
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Originally Posted by Meph View Post
So.... any pics of this new marker yet? Does it have eyes and ramping?
It's old school, so it's made of stoned
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So I know this is old.

I drove from Boston to VT to ski. Wanted to see the sign. Wasn't sure if it is actually put up yet?
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I'm currently doing nothing and living in the next town over. I'll see if I can't go find it for da masses and snap some high end photomagiggers of it. Kosher?

Edit: I'm sure if it was approved last year that it isn't up yet. Frozen ground/next fiscal year/state workers = things take a while

None the less, I shall travel the barren landscape through the snow and crap to see if I can't find it.

Edit 2: New Hampshire Historical Markers Map, New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources that link shows the current markers in NH. the Paintball one isn't on there yet.

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