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as someone who actually got to handle the aedes prototype, i can tell you that thing looks like its got alot more in common with the mini drivetrain, or something spool valve based..

do i hope its the second coming of the aedes,, you bet.. but they look too different for me to think they are they same


^And i did it while wearing a helmetcam^ in 1080P HD if you need proof
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Sorry if this has been stated before but is there a release date on this marker?
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Originally Posted by Steve_81 View Post
Sorry if this has been stated before but is there a release date on this marker?
This is just the prototype (rather rough IMO)... So probably not. Though I don't really trust release dates in paintball anymore lol.

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Looks like a Mini with a MacDev trigger guard. Feyd.........
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I've seen this prototype a few times in person. It's way too early to determine when it will be out. He told me at World Cup that it would be at least another full year before it makes a functional appearance. The design will be that of the Mini and Axe. No bottomline. Inline pop it. 1.1 pounds at its current stage.
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Originally Posted by CON*RAD View Post

.....Also, Smart Parts had little to do (if anything to do) with the Aedes not being produced. Blame them all you want, but thats not why the Aedes wasn't produced. Colin of DW said himself it was due to flaws in the design, and lack of resources to fix them.
But it is so much fun to blame SP (old AKA fan boy here). I blame SP for the poor economy, all reality TV shows, and fat chicks wearing overly tight cloths.

I really hope this makes it to market and doesn't end up like the aedes. Just may be the first new gun I have bought in years.
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^ I hear ya on that one, I was never a smart parts fan for that reason. Ironically the shocker is one of my favorite marker platforms.
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It would be neat to see an aggressive edgy / sling - type trigger. Or no trigger for that matter, just a sensor to read your wiggly fingers lol. Nice concept though.
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Looks sweet, reminds me of the AXE. If I ever get a job and can start playing paintball again, I'd definitely pick up an AXE or something like this... I've always liked Deadlywind.
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