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Greenmtnphantom 11-11-2011 06:15 PM

MCarterBrown Fundraiser
If this doesn't belong here so be it just trying to get a little more visibility for the project.

We are currently trying to raise money for some much needed repairs on the MCB Bunkhouse. Lots of involvement will mean for a very happy customer. Check the link to see what I mean.

Phoenix01 11-15-2011 12:05 AM

Heck, this should come in as an announcement to get the highest amount of visibility.

Scougar 09-15-2016 08:22 AM

So this was posted in 2011. Is this still valid? Seems like a 5 year old post needs to be removed or unstickied). I say this, because if another 'we need help' post comes up it might get ignored due to old stuff like this hanging around.

Mar 09-15-2016 08:54 AM

we no longer need bunkhouse help \\

oldschool 09-15-2016 09:48 AM

we need help, but the therapists all say it would be a waste of time....

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