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11-15 McCann USA update

Finely after almost three months, I will be back home and back to sewing on Monday the 19th.

Hey guys, just letting you know I will be back home and back to work in mid November.

Just wanted to let you guys know, if you need any gear right away you need to place the order by the end of the weekend. I will be leaving on the 5th to go to Florida to help my family out with some clean up from the storm that went through. If the orders are placed this weekend, they will be done and shipped before I leave. Orders can be placed still at any time but I won't be able to get to them until I get back. Probably about a month or so. Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.

If you play Stock Class paintball, then you are going to love these. They are our newest Patent Pending dump pouches called the Pack Rats. The ones shown here are the small Pack Rats, which features our Patented "magic top" dump pouch. You can now carry everything in one small package which can be mounted to any molle set up or belt.
They are not up on the web site yet, but are available now, just send me a pm.

First are the Capped Pack Rats. They hold 8, Ten round tubes with the caps on.

Next are the FC Pack Rats (Full Coverage). They hold 4 capped or capless Ten round tubes with full coverage pockets and are available with Four 12g elastic loops with Para Cord Loops to keep you from loosing your 12g's. Also shown with optional Velcro for moral patches.

Next is the Capless Pack Rat.They hold 4 capped or capless Ten round tubes and are available with Four 12g elastic loops with Para Cord Loops to keep you from loosing your 12g's. Also shown with optional Velcro for moral patches.

Last but not least is the TPX/ T8 Pack Rat. They hold Two TPX/ T8 mags and are available with Four 12g elastic loops with Para Cord Loops to keep you from loosing your 12g's. Also shown with optional velcro for moral patches.

The tops of all the Pack Rats, feature our push through elastic top, so dumping your empty tubes, 12g's, and mags are a breeze.

These aren't exactly for paintball but they work so well I thought I would put them on here. The nice thing about these is that they are only 12" long, so they just stick out of your pocket enough to get a grip on and pull your keys out of your pocket. For me this works great because I always have my knife in my pocket so it's hard to get to my keys. The McCann USA key lanyard also has the new tactical HK style snap hook. The lanyards come in Black, Coyote, Multi-Cam, and digital desert (not shown).

McCann USA, has released a new version of their very popular waist pack. The new waist pack has a slightly redesigned shape and now has an additional mini pack and belt that can be added on. Like the original waist pack, you can wear it on both sides of your waist, one side, or move it up further under your arms. You can still carry 5 12g's on each strap, 8 ten round tubes and with the built in dump pouch you'll never lose your tubes. There is also the Velcro strap at the top of the pack that you can stick your moral patches to or add one of the many accessorie straps that are available for the waist pack. The waist pack is available for 10 round tubes or with the molle webbing and with the new mini pack attached it allows for adding 10 more 10 round stock class tubes or if you have the Molle waist pack you can add the mini molle pack that gives you three more rows of molle webbing to attach anything from a dump pouch to more tubes and anything else you may want to carry. You can also mix and match all three pices. The waist packs can be used with any belt or you can combine it with our waist pack belt, that we have added a section of elastic to the middle of, so that you can snug down the belt but it will stretch to allow you to move and breathe. As well as being available in all the usual camo patterns, we have also added blue and red to the lineup for you speed ball players.

Shown on both sides.

Shown on one side

A few photos of misc configurations.


I have started working on some of the new 2013 product lines. Here are the first pictures of two of at least six leg rigs I will be offering. Some are completely new designs, others are updates to current designs. What will be available on all the leg rigs now is a fully padded back piece and the one longer leg strap with the elastic on it is removable, so that if the elastic stretches out you can simply replace the one strap and keep your existing leg harness.

The first is the new LG-M/D. Which incorporates the new style leg rigs with our small dump pouch and molle loops on each side. shown in picture is the optional quick release belt attachment as well.

The second photos shows one of many set ups for the LG-M/D. Showing a 50 round pod pocket and a grim lock attached to the molle loops.

The second leg rig is our most popular Six-D leg rig. Shown with the new updates. Featuring a dump pouch and our patent pending fast cap set up.

A couple more of our 2013 leg rigs. The first one here is the Cap-10, it is a remake of our original LG-10. Now with the fully padded back shown in Foliage green. The second is the new small Molle leg platform, shown in ACU. Both colors will come with color matched buckles and elastic in production models.

The next new Leg Rig is the TPX holster. This is the holster by itself with Molle loops on either side to add any accessories that you want to carry, from extra clips to 12g's

The 2013 sneak peek barrage continues. Today we move away from some of the new leg rigs and I have some pictures of some new molle shingles.

The first shingle is the Fast 5 FC (full coverage). Now you can get our patent pending Fast Cap design in a full coverage pocket. Now you can not only protect your paint better, but it also won't stand out in the bushes. Shown in a 5 tube configuration, but also comes in a 10 tube set up.

Next is the 1UP FC molle shingle. Also using the patent pending Fast Cap design with a full coverage pocket, this single tube set up can fit anywhere you have one set of molle straps left or may be all you dead eye shooters need to take out with you.

Two more of our 2013 Leg Rigs. The first here is one the new Fast 10, one of our most popular leg rigs. The second is the TAC-5 leg rig, which as the name implies holds 5 Tac Pods.


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Everything looks real nice once i will be picking something up from you soon.
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Wow! That is really cool! A harness with an integrated dump area is a great idea! Keep up the great work!
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Very nice looking new gear....esp. dump pouch idea....hmmmm where is my piggy bank?
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Once I get the pictures to load (restricted network) I think I will be in love. From the description it is exactly what I have been looking for.

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Small dogs are snacks
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Ordered up some of those 13ci tank covers. Keep up the nice work



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That first rig is very clever! I dig the integrated dump pocket. I get the impression that they sling over your shoulder like a messenger bag. Is that correct?
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Sent payment for new waist harness. Thanks again Matt. I will do a review as soon as it arrives..RJ
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Originally Posted by Festa View Post
That first rig is very clever! I dig the integrated dump pocket. I get the impression that they sling over your shoulder like a messenger bag. Is that correct?
If you use just one side it goes over your shoulder like a messenger bag and then hooks to your belt. If you use both sides you unhook the strap from itself and it goes through a divider and over to the other side ( just like the 007 shoulder rig) and then both sides hook to your belt.

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Any plans on a T8 mag pouch similar to your TPX one?
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