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Thanks again everyone for the support and comments.

I have been a little overwhelmed and not adding tracking numbers to orders but from this point forward I will be. I have also updated most orders from the last week and a half to include tracking numbers.

I ended up not needing to take down the store as I move from Northern California to Southern California. And have shipped most orders except orders from yesterday and today (besides one order which I am waiting to hear back from the buyer on).

But I am going back up to Northern California for around 2 weeks and leaving this weekend (on Sunday the 4th). When I am going to leave I will disable the payment methods so you can browse the store and access your account but you will not be able to make purchases (since I can't ship them).

When this is happening you will notice a banner on the top of the page that will show when you can place orders again. This banner will clearly state when you will be able to make purchases again (march 13th).

Thanks again everyone,
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So will this hold up the things I just purchased this morning?
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Ya! I got my speed feed for my pgp the other day! Very fast shipping, very accurate description of item and very good price. This is defiantly my new #1 stop for pieces.
Awesome Job Bacci. Keep it up!
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Old 03-09-2012, 06:32 AM   #114 (permalink)
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i literally just noticed this:
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Interesting little video and history from Gilly on the "XMas Bushmaster"

Well done!
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Thanks Sean, we made that video during our summer game last year. Gilly does a great job recounting history!

I have about 3 videos I made with Tim Firpo that I will start editing soon.
Topics include:
Slowed down exposed cycing of the sweeny gun
California Cobra/Commando/Ranger/Kodiak comparison
(Not So) Mysterious UK pumps

And just to keep everyone updated. I am settled in to where I am now living in Southern California and have been getting packages out every few days. I have a load of 10 or 15 for the past few days I am working on now.

I am also set up to inventory more items and a small load of cocker parts will be going up on or before Friday and I will be working on old pb mags to upload next week (APGS from 1988-1995).

I also wanted to address Long Beard's comment on using my sale for reference when pricing your own items.

Only downside I see for us on the forum, is that we won't be able to see what rare items have sold for in the as to know how to price things when we're selling. When you did mega sales in the past, we could always go back and see what stuff sold for and then knew how to price stuff.
One simple solution (although not the best) which I should have thought of sooner is to use google to search my site. All items that are uploaded stay in the inventory regardless of whether they sell or not and all are indexed by google.

So if you wanted to find both available and sold fast changers you can search: fast changer

Although this will also show items which have fast changer in the description it is a decent solution. And you can use standard search procedures to narrow down your search results.

Thanks again everyone!
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Old 04-11-2012, 02:19 PM   #117 (permalink)
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Got another package for Dan (bacci paintball) today.
It got here fast and everything was there and was as described

Thanks again
Keep up the great work
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Received my items yesterday. Absolutely awesome transaction overall--start to finish. You had vintage ICD stuff in stock that was not available ANYWHERE else. Thank you for taking the time to write excellent descriptions of your sale items. Shipping was nicely packaged and secure.

People should buy stuff from you...every day.
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Sort of stumbled Across the store looking for parts for an Automag.
Excellent "stuff"!! The SmartParts grips are in excellent contidtion, the time from order to post office is phenomenal.
I hve pointed other frinds to the webstore for our "first place to check" parts needs
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