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I was corrected by Doug at PSIops, but the Tippmann family is no longer the 'owners" they still run the company but do not own the company

Just a small point Arson24. Tippmann Sports is in Summit Partners portfolio of companies. I would say "owned" but one of their bean counters gave me about 2 minutes of double talk explaining "owned" was not correct. I guess that is so Mitt Romney can claim that STAPLES was a Bain Capital success story when it was actually Summit Partners who took STAPLES "public". Modern finance is so confusing. Nobody owns anything, they just make money from it ......and never lose any.
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I can turn aound a running english pointer at a 1/4 mile, but save that volume for emergencies... my german is rusty as I haven't been there since 85 in the army though. The only thing I remember is swear words and "wo ist meine hosen?!?!?"
I have a blast, I know that! Even after so long I still get the kid giddies every time. I seem to provide amusement to my teammates, on rare occasions it's even intentional!

My accent is upper michigan/kentucky/georgia/louisiana, so when it gets cold I'm happier than a husky bitin' hosewater, cool that is!!

I'll pass a flyer at the next PJTA meeting RussC, the paintball jerkoffs trade association is
in your corner!

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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