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Three Major New Products from Tippmann

Tippmann is pleased to announce three major new product introductions, which include two technologically-advanced markers and a new goggle line, all offering patented or patent-pending features not currently available on the market today.

On the marker side, we have the new Crossover marker with FlexValve technology. The Crossover is designed for the hybrid player looking for a lightweight, high-performance electro-pneumatic marker that can handle the rigors of woodsball but can also Crossover to any style of play. And because it utilizes the FlexValve technology, it offers players the patented ability to switch from electronic to mechanical mode with the flip of a switch.

The second new marker we are introducing is the FT-12 Flip-Top Rental. Tippmann has dominated the rental market for years, and now we revolutionized it with a new patent-pending design. The FT-12 has the durability and reliability fields have come to expect from Tippmann, and takes maintenance to a whole new level by reducing maintenance time by as much as 75%. (It can be disassembled without tools in less than 60 seconds).

On the accessory side, we have a new goggle line which includes several configurations and a rental version, all which feature a patent-pending quick-release lens system and high-performance Toroidal lens. These goggles provide a line that focuses on improved visibility, comfort and coverage, and includes numerous new features that provide incredible, affordable performance.

Some of these projects have been in the works for years, but we are pleased to launch them all together at the Paintball Extravaganza. We have more news coming, but to check out these latest new products, go to Home Page.
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I have literally started bouncing around like a small child

That new rental is going to be amazing for field owners!
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What does the feedneck and ball detent look like on the rental?
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^^ im pretty sure the feedneck and detents are 98 styled. especially since the parts on the inside of the FT-12 are basically 98's just a better, easier to use shell design.
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The rental looks like some kind of plastic?
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Am I seeing this right? A rental with air through grip?
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The rental might be interesting, but man... another day, another tourney-style marker.
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The rental looks like an imi uzi
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Why would you have a tool-less rental marker? Renters messing with the gun = bad juju
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I never would have described myself as a "hybrid" player but I guess I fit the description and I like the approach that they're taking with the Crossover. Now I'm really glad that I didn't spring for one of Engler's cut down Phenoms
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Mini a t2 or s6/6.5
Then eblade it

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