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I would like to see the inside of the goggle. I wish\hope they come out other colors for th epart that covers yoru mouth and chin. The only thingsI would change about my Flex is howh the lens is replaced but not a big issue since I don't do it often and I would love to have a completely solid color lower
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Bummer, i heard about these a while back and was totally excited, looking at them now they look like nothing more than a rehashed E Vents.
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Originally Posted by Chappy View Post
I, for one, don't like quick release of any sort anywhere near my eyes. Maybe I'm just paranoid.
You're just paranoid. The E-Vents lense retaining system is VERY SAFE, while being very easy to change lenses. It IS possible to have "an easy to change" lense system that is also safe.

As for the new mask.....

the best of both worlds... JT Flex with E-Vents lense system.
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I like it. I just don't care for flex bottoms. Way too wide for my tastes.

The quick lense system is nice. I love my events.
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Originally Posted by Silverback View Post
You're just paranoid. .
I can live with that.

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I would like to see a side by side (by side) with these, a flex, and an event.

I do like the new mask' looks but am skeptical if it will fit my face (like a flex) or fit child sized faces (like every mask other than the flex).

I can change a flex lens in no time. if you end up with bloody fingers you're doing it wrong.

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Well **** me running! I like it.
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Originally Posted by Ieo View Post
I don't need it in my hands....the picture is right there. Cool thing about pictures: they give you an accurate representation of what something will look like. They've been doing it since 1822, or so I'm told.
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Flex masks may drop $20 or so on the open market
so I will just pick those up lol.
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I really like this a lot. They look great and the e-vent lenses are so easy to take out. I do take my lenses out a lot, I like to properly clean my masks and the E-Vents lenses are my favorite for removal I just can't breathe well with the closed up mouth guard, hopefully these are better. I nay buy a new piece of paintball gear this year after all......

Love it or hate it, but I think it will be great. Lets hope they used the same, or even softer lowers. I like the older IZE bottoms but they can make chin and jaw shots pretty brutal. The spectre lenses does look cool but it is still plentiful, lots of flex stuff out there already, we are due for something new, I like the bottoms, they just look crisp and clear, I don't like any of JT's flex variations other than the flex7/pro flex and flex8's are also acceptable. They should have just done Flex8's with soft ears, I made some and they are much better for me.

As for the E-Vents safety, the strap retains the lenses into the mask so as long as your strap is on your face properly, your lense can't come off, other than if your clips failed majorly, I had run one of mine over with my pickup (in the dirt, not pavement) accidentally and I still use it, they are tough.

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Thats the exact mask I have wanted since the E-vents originally came out...
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