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Originally Posted by Dr Gonzho View Post
Anybody else notice the length of the video? It's 3 minutes and 14 seconds long... And posted on Pi day! (3/14)
whoa thats crazy!
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Enough talk where do I buy!
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LOL! I just thought about making this exact thing for my TPX.
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Too bad it's not universal.
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I don't know if worth it...
Got to see how much they will go for.
I really don't like how much space there is between the top rail and the actual top of the pistol. A lot of space in there. They sohuld offer some king of cover for that.

What I do like, you can get one kit, with both spacers, and use it for both TAC 8.1 and TPX(which I most likely get a separate one for each anyway). I will probably buy a kit, to say I got one. Realistically, it's going to end up a display. Right now, I have an MP 7 kit on a TAC 8, I never used it, sits in a case collecting dust(I should really a least mount it to the wall). This will probably end up the same way for me. It is definitely something different and interesting for the pistols.
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Law enforcement agencies are doing that a lot with their service pistols these days i really like it especially for the tpx very sexy. Someone here did that with the real steel bulk up kit using the kingman pistols.
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Might half to get this to bad my 8.1 leaks...
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Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
My only question is will the T8.1 model support use of the 13/3k stock?
I too would like to know this.
Originally Posted by storminnorman View Post
No one likes a dirty slot lol.
Originally Posted by BigOldSkool View Post
I've played pump against the worst of the paintball scum bags, do I hang it up? Nah.... I play angrier.
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I actually like this. The TPX version looks better. I like the bipod also. Wonder if it can fit other guns. I'm sure it can. The bipod is a nice touch. Either a grip handle or bipod, can't get any better. I'm saying about $150 for the TPX kit.

I have been thinking about a first strike pistol. This is just making me think more about one

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