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Don't know about the replay, but my GoPro takes paintballs like a champ. Recording at 1080p with the view angle set to narrow it's perfect for paintball action shots. If I want to see what I'm doing with my hands I can set it to the wide angle. And even better, if the sky is dumping loads of water on me, or I decide to take a swim, no problem: it's 100% waterproof.
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R7 Camera- DM12 Shooting - YouTube

Here is some video from it.
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A pro team or two at PSP phoenix (I forget who) have been using this, or, at least it looked like they were, will be interesting to see what kind of footage we get from these
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Infamous already has two video's up that show at least some of them using them. Plus there is a camera in the pits, and you can see at least one time where a guy puts his Axe down with the camera in the feedneck mount.
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Nice Setup!

That's a great setup you have!
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LA Ironmen are using them too.


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