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I have friends that wear Profits and I used to have a pair of valken pants. Currently I have a Valken vest. I've been very satisfied with the products as have all the guys I play with. If you don't like Valken, and you would rather buy another product, cool. No need to badmouth the company just because you don't like their stuff
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I can honestly say about SLY. I was in a bind in Japan with my lens. They stepped up to the plate and sent me a few replacements to Japan.

I hope I can still receive that customer service. This is why I buy from places like SLY. As far as them being bought out well that will be a different story.

Customer service is a big issue with me. Hey I write reviews about alot of things, SO we have all seen my Valken/SLY review. Straight truth and to the point. "Nuff said about that.

I try and support the small guy as much as possible. Just look at my Sponsors. I have a feeling how this will all turn out,as I have seen it in the past. I could be wrong "Nuff said about that.

So let's all look past this and buy from them if you want or don't. I personally know where my money gets spent. Sounds like good things might happen, we'll just have to see.

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This is interesting. When I first tried on the Sly mask, it was pretty much perfect for me. When I wanted to get one of the LE masks, it was advised to contact Valken. I did so, who in turn directed me to a store that they supplied to, and was as close to me as possible. Compulsive was great, and as a result, I had to say that Valken does a good enough CS job. From what little I have had to deal with them that is.
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I can't stand companies that outsource to China or any other country that bases itself inside the United States. It is a kick to the groin.
Yea. :-)

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