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Empire Sniper Barrel kit now for sale


Empire Sniper Pump Gun Part - Barrel Kit (4 Piece)
Originally Posted by storminnorman View Post
No one likes a dirty slot lol.
Originally Posted by BigOldSkool View Post
I've played pump against the worst of the paintball scum bags, do I hang it up? Nah.... I play angrier.
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Nope, not for 150.
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That is a hefty price point, makes a full deadlywind kit look better and better
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No thanks, not when I can get a deadlywind with a full insert kit and a case for the same price.

Deadlywind Barrel - Fibur 14" Carbon Fiber Barrel and Aluminum Boremaster Barrel Insert Kit Combo - Autococker
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Ill stick with my ifit, more options, much lower price!

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Is this news?
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Originally Posted by dann View Post
Is this news?

Yup. People have been asking about it for a while.
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wow.....Totally agree not for that price.
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At a Sub $100 kit, this would have been ok for a small bore size/pump kit.

At $150... seem more like marketing to give greater perceived value to the New Empire Sniper Marker Kit.
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I dunno, I've shot mine w/ my sniper (and on others) and it's a GREAT kit. Considering a shaft4 runs about the same price w/ the same amount of backs it's not that far off. IF you want to step up to the 8" control bore, options are still G&B Kit, Shaft4, Kaner STO, and the lucky series. w/ the exception of the lucky and G&B (on sale now for $70 @ 31st Outfitters )they're all running ~$150.

Yes, you can get a full freak w/ deadly wind for the same, but that's still 6" w/ questionable dia inserts.
The iFit, well, I'm just not that impressed w/ 1.5". It helps but not as much as it could be.
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