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That was the first forum I ever joined as well. There were so many really great members there, I can pinpoint it as the main reason I'm playing today - I bought my first marker there, off a Factory Team member.

And Legs & Stunt are two of the cooler forum staff members I've ever "known" anywhere! (no offense to mcb of course )

Originally Posted by Legato View Post
I hate to say it cause I really used to love and bleed SO. But now....just no. It isn't the same. Its like when your favorite local pizza shop shuts down and someone else moves in. You try to be comfy. You try to enjoy it and reminisce. But in the end. It isn't the same spot it once was and the new guy's pizza sucks ***.
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Ger I remember you from there! Those were the days

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I would suggest that the furom just close, so SO can use the money for something productive, but there is just SOOO MUCH information on that website! Like the answer to everything paintball could probably be found there.
Originally Posted by Talfuchre View Post
What is the big knife for? TF
Originally Posted by BLachance75 View Post
I'm ambidextrous. Fear me.
Please leave me honest Feedback after any B/S/T arrangments. Thank you.
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Not the right answer, not any more. MCB has lost more information than SpecOps has ever had.
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Was this the same site with the cool tactics video's and the tippmann propaganda???
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Originally Posted by Side-Swipe View Post
Ehh it was pretty trash. No one posted, they censored any youtube video with bad language in it. You got warnings/bans for bad language even if you werent skirting the language filter. Then you had the terrible mods like Puzuma who played paintball once a year with some spyder, but would like give advice on stuff he had never used but read about. And he would ban and warn people over nothing. Rules of the forum were very pg not even pg13. First nice gun he got was a phantom that members of the forum chipped in to get him. And then his gf/wife was like hinting at having members get her one it was like wtf?

Only things I like was there was some good people, and some good mods. The mafia games were fun and the pump karma thread was awesome.
I logged in just to this post.
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I was on there for about 10 seconds back in i think 09. Thought it sucked so went back to over to AO. The only SO gear that I have is a AK furniture kits that was for a 98C thats on a model 98, just because of the story behind that marker.
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Originally Posted by hey_yeo View Post
Crossing the street in a third world country is my favorite extreme sport.

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Originally Posted by Stuffy View Post
Viva la SOPC.
Lol that was the only good thing about the whole forum. Thats what got me pumping .
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