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Originally Posted by blackrain View Post
Nope I was just posting the info. To be honest I use this same spool and regulator when ever I play. It works good for me, never had a problem with either.

I guess no one really read anything. This is just an ENVY with a pneumatic trigger that's all. It's just been given a new name. Don't read into it anymore then what it is.

Upgrade will probably just be a blackheart board with an ENVY electro frame. That's all this gun really is. A rebranded ENVY.

It at an entry level price. Just what it is designed for.

Probably wont need to change the frame. I'm sure they've worked the pneumatic components to use the same mounting points as the electronics. Or they could just cut the frames for both options. Still cheaper to make than a whole new frame.
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Originally Posted by Talfuchre View Post
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I can't really comment on the SP Patent stuff since I wasn't around for it.
However, I can agree with you that we should focus on the product at hand than the past directly. On the contrary, I can see how people are still bitter and why that would be so.
From every SP/GOG thread I have seen, I believe the controversy comes with the territory.

Personally, I am a GOG/SP/DLX dealer. My first marker was an upgraded impulse that shot a hell of a lot better than every other marker I have shot to this day EXCEPT for maybe a victory that was tuned to perfection. (Yeah. Better then my Prototype Luxe, G6R's, Ions, DMs, NT, Egos) I'm a fool for trading it away. I try to not let the extra bs get in the way of helping people out with parts they would no longer be able to get or with helping them tech their guns. I do this for the enjoyment and fun and to make it better for players, not to sit here and moan about what has already happened.
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This marker is going to be really good in my opinion, and I've put in my pre-order for one as well. I know that this company is run by the Gardners, but I don't think that matters anymore. This particular marker is going to be a really good thing for beginners and those of us that like shooting fun guns. Can't wait to get mine and try it out!
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I PMed you back spawn.
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This pre-order is actually saving me money. I have been holding off on buying a few Cockers and Mags that have caught my eye to see if this really is going to be a great mechanical marker.
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Originally Posted by The Inflicted View Post
It's only annoying if you're so interested in this new marker that you can ignore the Gardner Bros. previous misdeeds.

After watching them walk away from their corporate debt, a lot of people would prefer that they not also be able to walk away from their legacy of abusing the US patent system. Until there's been some kind of justice served there, it's wishful thinking to assume that a thread on MCB of all places would ignore the elephant in the room when those two are making money off the sport.
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Im going down to Orlando for World Cup on the 23rd and will be taking the tech class. Im very excited to get it, will post up pics/impression first thing after class
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See ya there, CT. I am totally stoked about this.
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If/When my Desert Fox dies, I'll be getting an eNMEy - looks like a winner.
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Great, another chance for them to abuse the system, acquire debt by dumping product to force others out of business, then leave their debts with the dealers.

Honestly, if the Gardner brothers were the last manufacturers in the sport, I'd rather quit playing then support them. There is no excuse for allowing them to continue to abuse the common player through deceptive practices to tilt the market.
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