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Originally Posted by Murf425 View Post
Even if you can't tap the plastic to thread it for bottomline bolts, you could always put a nut/washer combo on the inside.
That depends on what the inside of the frame looks like.
If it's solid or full or full of crazy angles it could take some serious dremel work to create spaces inside that wouldn't compromise the strength of a frame not designed to support the weight of a tank hanging off the back of it.

...not to mention that you'd have to get the alignment nearly perfect or have the tank going off at an angle.
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Originally Posted by Murf425 View Post
I dunno. Pumps aren't always a cheaper alternative. Just look at Azodin; Kaos is $90 while the KP is $180. Sure, the pump comes with a reg, but they sell the regs seperately for $40, making the pump still $50 more than the mech.
For what it's worth, the pump requires several more parts to manufacture. Pump handle, pump rod and sled. A sheridan-based pump isn't cheaper to make than a spyder-based semi.

A Nelson, on the other hand...there's a reason the ER-3, Blade, Talon, Vulcan, and other budget basement pumps have all been Nelsons.
Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
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I suppose there's no word on internals yet either
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According to Ultimate Paintball, magazines will be sold separately for $25 a piece. This was taken from their Facebook page.
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I checked this out also at D.O.N. Over all it feels very similar to that of the Empire Trracer. Mostly all composite material. The pump handle is big, feels like a BRUTE pump handle. I was told you cannot swap parts with the older Kingman Hammers, and that the Hammer 7 internals are smaller due to the mag feed system. I'm sure someone will confirm this or shed some new info on that.

Pump stroke was pretty stiff when I checked it out, but it was a floor model so I figured it was due to the screws being over tightened and lack of any lubrication. It is just as long as the Empire Trracer, possibly an inch longer, and of course I could be wrong.

The trigger and handle feels similar to the original Hammer.
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25$ a piece is very steep for a magazine that has to be manually unlatched I expected unique intervals though. I wonder if the springs are classic Nelson I imagine they are. Which is good. The trigger frame is negligible since I don't mount tanks to the grip anyways. And I intend to pay someone to make an after market trigger frame to allow ar grips. I dunno fellas this one is becoming less sure btm
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I saw that FB post too. They took away one round capacity and added $5 from the MRX mag lol. This is STILL the cheapest FS option you have though and I'll prob pick up two extra mags for now.
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Would be interested to know the efficiency on this. Might be able to make some practical use o the Micro CAII hanging out on my wall.
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So sounds like it has a spyder threaded twist lock breach? So someone needs to make cocker threaded ones.

Im honestly thinking of chopping off the gripframe at an angle and adding an m16 grip bolt hole. Then just use an rtr 45 gripframe.

When does this preorder go till?
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All you poor sad BBA haters...this thing was made to be rocked with a Micro CA II!

Will definitely buy one.
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