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Asteroid? No problem, hit em with paintballs!!

Great article from MIT.
I finally decided to start a thread for my Feedback:

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Now the only question is, what brand is best for this type of job? I smell a new thread coming on "What's the best paint for meteor/asteroid deflection"?
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What do you do when the asteroid IS a paintball?
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Five tons of paint? I've seen teams bring more for a Saturday at CP.
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I figured a few left over cases of monster ball would deflect anything
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The asteroid will wipe the hit.

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Originally Posted by BigOldSkool View Post
The asteroid will wipe the hit.
Nah, it's been around too long for that sort of thing.

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Originally Posted by DPrekel View Post
Hey - we are not "Nation"
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Originally Posted by Washington reign View Post
I figured a few left over cases of monster ball would deflect anything
But the paint has to break in order for the photons to reflect off it.
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First strike rounds have some of the thickest white paint although a spherical ball may fly better in space.
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From his calculations, Paek estimates that it would take up to 20 years for the cumulative effect of solar radiation pressure to successfully pull the asteroid off its Earthbound trajectory. He says launching pellets with traditional rockets may not be an ideal option, as the violent takeoff may rupture the payload. Instead, he envisions paintballs may be made in space, in ports such as the International Space Station, where a spacecraft could then pick up a couple of rounds of pellets to deliver to the asteroid.

Procaps better jump on this business venture before someone else does
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