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The eBay version looks to be polymer, which would explain the cheaper price tag. We have no issue with paying $30-40 for a simple threaded feedneck, why not more for a specialized, and arguably more difficult to machine, piece of equipment? Hell, even Ego feednecks are what, $40-50?
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I don't think it's worth it. For 10.00$ more you can get the BT Rip Clip for the A-5 and I ran one for 2 years and it worked awesome! Plus I love the X-7 hopper on the A-5!Feyd...........
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Originally Posted by WholemealDrop View Post
i would buy this before i fork out $70 for the other one. better yet i'd just bodge one together with some 45* elbows and jbweld to make the shape. probably cost $10 total with jb left over and still be removeable
Borg did something similar making a qloader adapter for his A5. Worked pretty well.
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$70 for a hopper adapter...I'll pass. As cool as this is, it is not really innovative (see eBay link posted earlier) and it is cost prohibitive; you could buy a used a 98, possibly an A5 for the same price. I don't care if it is made in the USA, it should not cost $70 for one. This would sell if it was priced at the $40-45 range. A standard clamping feedneck rarely exceeds $40, I know this is not your standard feedneck but still $70??
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Originally Posted by lmartin View Post
i think you will be fine. Fed Ex was always good to me until my wifes dog bit the driver. they usually don't avoid you unless they have a reason.
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Originally Posted by WholemealDrop View Post
i would buy this before i fork out $70 for the other one. better yet i'd just bodge one together with some 45* elbows and jbweld to make the shape. probably cost $10 total with jb left over and still be removeable
You can usually buy A5 shells for like $40 for the set(no internals)
just get the right side and mode it up.. would cost you less to JB weld some sort of feedneck on the spare receiver.

Dont get me wrong this is a cool Idea but used A5's go for like $70 now so I cant imagine spending that on just something to be able to feed into it.. I would still need to buy a hopper for it too.
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Canada eh?
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Claims that it will make you harder to hit? I find that hard to beleive. If anything a hopper clamped onto that thing would make your profile taller.... and 70$ *face palm*
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Location: Bronson, FL replacing the Cyclone...While I am out playing with my cohorts and their electronics are keeping them out of the game because they forgot to set the dwell or failed to compensate for the angle of the sun to get the balls to feed just right...the simple operation of the mechanical feed Cyclone keeps me rocking on the field through the hole game. Have put a few thousand rounds through my Phenom and not had a problem yet.

Mechanical for the win
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Hate to break it to you Jerry, but I guarantee you some day your Cyclone will let you down.

I'm a BIG fan of the cyclone myself, but that random day where it decides to not ratchet properly, double feed or whatever else have you, you will want an alternate for your marker.

Most of my Tippys are 98 derivatives, so having a feedneck on hand was never a problem, but I do think I will be getting something like this in the future for my A5s. For my purposes, an Eye Force has saved the day on more than one occasion. However, Is this feedneck worth $70? Probably not. I'll look into the cheaper one myself.

As for the harder to hit part, they're playing into the idea that the width of the Cyclone body makes a bigger frontal target no matter what the circumstance. Personally, I HAVE been hit on the cyclone body a few times, but no more than getting hit in the feedneck of my 98. Being as this still sticks out to the side, I'ma gonna call BS on that one.

Every paintgun has it's problems, Tippmanns included. Yaay for choices.
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I'm not debating how much it costs to make, because engineering it in a way to make it work while allowing the hook on the receiver to remain is probably no easy feat.

However, you have to consider several factors here:

1) If you wanted to use a hopper on a Tippmann, you can probably find a 98C for $70 or less and have a whole extra gun as a backup.

2) While I have no particular love for the Cyclone (I converted all of my A5's to RipClips shortly after the first time I used one), for most people's purposes it works just fine. And, with a Rip Clip adapter available for $30-40, (less if you make your own), it seems like that direction makes more sense since it already uses A5-style hoppers.

3) There are so many other affordable center-feed entry-level guns now that dumping $70 in to an A5 to make it closer to a center-feed is borderline idiocy.

So really, the only way people I can see this selling to are MAYBE the people with Phenom's who would rather have a hopper, which isn't going to be many, since the reason most people go with the "tactical" looking guns in the first place is not to have a tall hopper setup on their gun.

So I understand why it's $70: it's hard to make and will only appeal to a niche market (nothing we're not used to here on MCB). But I question the wisdom of even bothering because I'm not sure that niche market would be willing to pony up $70 just to keep the hook on their receiver when there are other options like the RipClip or the other hopper adapter.
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I bought the force products one, hustle sells them as well. Yes it's made of polymer, but it is solid and I can't imagine breaking it. Many people see polymer or plastic and immediately think worse quality, which is not always the case. (edit: the python one is actually also plastic, but uses an aluminum clamp...meh)
It also uses brass threaded inserts so you won't be stripping the threads easily. It doesn't require removing the hook, either, as mentioned.

I didn't get mine to attach a hopper, but to mod a spring feed to my phenom for use in magfed/spring fed only games w/o having to get a magfed kit and replace the clam shells while allowing me to swap back to the cyclone in a matter of minutes. I paid $30 which is a much more reasonable price to perform the same function and at(imo) the same quality

edit2: the only thing I like better is that the python one is more rounded instead of boxy, but that can easily be modified. I haven't seen the python one in use, but hustle does have a video of the force products one, and it worked well with a rotor, so it feeds well.
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