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We wanted to post up a quick render that we took out of the manual before we covered it with stuff. This is a great shot of the internals, and we figured we would share:

Also, 'VR' downloads are up on the FB page. Feel free to play around with them.

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starts off small at first
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gonna do a video similar to this?
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Oh, and we are picking out the finishes. The top is the 'shiny' finish, the bottom is the 'subtle' finish.


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I personally like the subtle finish. Has some shine, but not too much. At the very least it should help keep finger prints from showing as much
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Can we see the other colors in "subtle" finish? I have this thing for black and black/blue markers.


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Go super gloss or go home!

More shine the better...arnt you guys using the WDP Angel Anno Guys???

If you are and don't go with the best gloss anno in the history of paintball (Angel G7s) then poop on you.
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I'd love to see a super gloss clear finish...
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I'm thinking, why settle for either-or when you could have both-and?

Some folk like super gloss, others like dust, others satin, still others a combination of these.

Let people get a sense of what it would look like in all the colors you offer and let them choose. Run a few of this and a few of that and see what moves best. I have a funny feeling you aren't exactly going to be hurting for orders when this thing hits shelves.

Whatever you do, just keep doing it full-bore and make the best product you can, and keep it the best product you can.
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The only problem with offering both at first is doubling stock right at the beginning, and making the orders more complex. Right now keeping it simple is the plan.

In the near future (say, a month or 2 after we get rolling) we can offer the other version. It seems like there is a high demand for subtle, though not as much as for polish. When we have operations setup it will be time for some more colors and the other surface options.

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