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Hope he stays in the paintball world. I found him to be one of the most interesting people in the industry.

Best of luck in whatever path he chooses.
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Originally Posted by idkfa View Post
Wait... this is Simon aka Manike? Wow.

It seems like they were holding him back, I am really looking forward to his future work.
I was thinking the same thing. Manike, get out there with some one else, or start your own. You have a lot of good ideas, get them to the masses.
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Well, he mentioned several times that the accountants got in the way of his designs. Maybe he got tired of that?
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Very surprising.
I wonder if Simon's going to remain in the paintball industry or get into another field.
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Interesting. Best of luck, Simon.
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He stated he's taking a break from everything and then returning to paintball. (paraphrased)
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Best of luck Simon.
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kee knows not what it did
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I would not be surprised if he will introduced something very innovative within a years time

He has states before that he did have to go through alot of trouble to sell something's with the sniper so that would imply that kee did hold him back

And wouldn't be surprised if he came back with a new company
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Simon + Tom Kaye = ___________________________
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