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^ The Xmag... its been done.

This looks like the deathnell for KEE making neat products.

RIP - Ed "BigDaddy" Roth and "Indian" Larry
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Originally Posted by T-T View Post
Well, he mentioned several times that the accountants got in the way of his designs. Maybe he got tired of that?
I'd wager on this.

You've stood up for the "old schooler" player for a long time. You've brought a lot of dreams to the marketplace. You've expressed only the tip of the iceberg about the resistance you get from working within a mega-corporation.
Unplug, vacation and get back to your center. Thank you for all you've done for us. I hope to see your next project soon and wait for it with great anticipation. Someone is going to be very happy that they hired you, very soon.
Best wishes my friend!
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Thank you Simon for what you have brought to paintball.

Hope to see what else is rattling around that noggin of yours.
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Originally Posted by desertT1 View Post
I'm not exactly 'worried' about KEE, but if I had to pick, I'd worry more about KEE's future than Simon's.
Not really. Empire is highly known for their clothes, more so then their guns, RPS paint, JT Goggles and a slew of other companies all rolled into one. Plus with the release of the new Vanquish and possibly the revised Impulse down the road, I am sure Kee will hold up just fine.

I wish Simon all the luck in the world, but with his brilliance, he doesn't really need luck.
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I think when you come back Simon - we should invent some cool ****.

Have a good break.

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Sounds like he's taking some time off to fulfil a no completion clause in his contract with kee. Then is gonna get some awesome products out there.
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Originally Posted by ih8cornnuts View Post
Simon + Tom Kaye = ___________________________
Such great things as... the XMag.

It's ironic that the original article I saw here states that he started at NPS (now Empire), but he was doing stuff (like the XMag) in paintball for AGD, etc. well before that.
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What exactly is the Vanguish?

Seems odd that I get an email about the unveiling then I see this.

Godspeed Simon. We wait patiently to see how next you will contribute to this sport we love!
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Originally Posted by 98ssuck View Post
Sounds like he's taking some time off to fulfil a no completion clause in his contract with kee. Then is gonna get some awesome products out there.
He doesn't have a "no competition clause". His parting with KEE was totally amicable.

He's looking to work on real steel, besides paintball. And you guys have seen some of his new equipment, posted in the custom section...

I expect that he's made a comfortable living for himself, and now he would just like to enjoy life. Find freedom and success in a self-directed work environment.
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I'll miss you Simon!
Truly the greatest minds ever in paintball!
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