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Did they announce that the price was going to be 1500? On Empire's website they don't have a price listed.
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John from PbN said it would be $1499. That's the MSRP I think. Maybe it will be a little cheaper when it comes out.
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wow, this one is more craptacular looking than the new ego.

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Can you buy it with the tape job for a few extra bucks?

I'm interested in a more in-depth look at the guts one day, though. Maybe they're something new and interesting. Didn't Lurker do a spring mod for Shocker bolts?
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Lol Simon... couple pages later but I was all but certain you were shooting a Luxe the game I watched you play... I'll take your word for it thought. I'm digging the idea of a built in pressure sensor.
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I like the knurling on the back of the frame.

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I see a lot of you guys are hating the looks of this thing. Before you write it off on cosmetics put one in your hands and see how it feels. It is very well balanced ergonomics are great on it. It just fits in your hands like an extension of your arm. Easy to service (only one tool required), It is efficient, they are reporting about 1 hopper and 9 pods off a tank.
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I must have missed that memo

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Some of the Vicious players are testing them out it seems
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Originally Posted by Thotograph View Post
Just wanted to mention that I watched a bunch of UWL and saw Simon's taped taped over marker. It wasn't the marker in that leaked photo. It was a single tube marker that's already been around for a while, I could easily tell which one. I was standing right next to him at the chrono. I don't feel like saying which marker... he took notice of me trying to photo him holding it and didn't want me to get the shot.

The dude helped AGD with R&D... sorry to be vague but I respect the guy so I told him I wouldn't shoot him.
Haha, swing and a miss! I played with Simon at the UWL. He was using a Vanquish. 100% positive. Simon must have mad tape skills.

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This weekend in Dallas will be the true test of these markers. Also it might be a huge marketing point depending on how well the teams using them place.

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