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this must have been what i saw rich telford chronoing a couple weeks ago. i wasn't sure if it was the rumored impulse as i expected it to be macro less like the axe/mini and 09 impulse.
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Originally Posted by tlane77 View Post
Technically wouldn't it be empire in the long run?
I would say yes and with empire on it, it may be a descent low to mid end option. Not perfection by any means but possibily descent.
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Originally Posted by Nuke View Post
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Hopefully it's Electropneumatic.
Being under JT would probably make it the cheapest EP Poppit available.

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Fasor? Wouldn't surprise me for it to be under the jt name to be a Walmart special
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Originally Posted by Titus View Post
Trying not to judge a book by it's cover so to speak, but JTs track record isn't the best. If this is serious, I'm not expecting perfection here.
JT's absorbed under Empire. I assume it will be getting made in the same factories making the Vanquish, so what "brand" it got put under probably won't mean anything. Interesting that they went back to macro though...
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Photo looks like an Ego to me?

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Reminds me more of a DP G4 with a bolt pin and creed ergos.

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From what I've gathered, this is gonna be Empire's update to the 2009 Impulse patend they aquired from Smart Parts...

Low end? Extremely Unlikely.

With that said, this makes the Vanquish release a bit more interesting. I had thought that Empire was just going to rebrand the Impuse as the Vanquish...
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I hope it's really a reliable version of the balanced poppet valve that they used on the 09 impulse. One of the smoothest markers I ever shot.
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I wanted an Impulse so bd in 09 but knew that SP was on its way out. I went o buy one and the shop owner told me not to because he had heard things at the time. I was by disappointed.

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