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Point remains...

Unless you want tear down and rebuild an old gun to replace seals...

The Resurrection is the way to go.

Don't jump on me for saying it's not the easiest to tear down and rebuild... I can do it

But for people who want to get into an Autococker, buying an old one and re-building it is a STEEP LEARNING CURVE.

This is why I saw so many horribly timed cockers back in the day (and today as well).

If your an old techy like myself, the 99 STO will be a fine route to go as long as you don't mind a lot of extra work...


I looked up inflation rates, and $300 in 2000 is ~$395 today...

And how much would you pay for a barrel kit after that?

You are getting a brand new sexy autococker for barely more than a base stock model would have cost you back in the day...

But I'm sure someone will still whine about how it isn't free
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Originally Posted by minimag03 View Post
And notice how it wouldn't continue to cycle quite right? it 'stuck' like 3-4 times in that video. Cool for short bursts, but not reliable for continuous full auto, what company would stand behind that product? (and if you thought it was a called a 'auto-chopper' before...)

Legit question here... how was the 3 way being activated if the trigger was held back? I'm confused...

But I do love watching cool videos like that;

It sure was a really neat tech project! And I wouldn't mind trying it out a game either!

Thanks for the share!

The only proprietary seal in most autocockers is the valve seat (and sometimes the LPR seat). Which are still readily available and still being produced by places like Palmers.
Yup. Gotta love Palmers. I just replaced both my Rock + Stabalizer orings this season.

You can maybe get o-rings easy for Stock parts (shoot me a link to that monkey kit someone mentioned...) but all the misc aftermarket parts?

My Kapp 3 way had oring issues after 10 years, and I stripped it and took it down to a business that specializes in making o-rings. They used a few different micrometers to triple check the o-ring, and gave me 3 sizes orings (same circumference different thickness) to work with.

Long story short, none of them worked quite right, and the 3-way ended up sticking with all of them...

I was lucky enough to find an old identical Kapp 3 way (the odds!) from someone for 5 bucks, an I put his orings on my original Kapp 3 - no more sticking... except for those o-rings are still 10+ years old, and are 'nicked' here and there and I still have a small air leak. Back to square 1!

I'm done trying to retro-fit old orings from aftermarket parts/manufacturers (until it comes to the valve).

I'm simply ordering a Palmer 3-way to put on there - problem solved.

Do you see what I'm getting at? Unless you want to spend a lot of time + effort retrofitting and older used marker (which I would assume most newer players wouldn't want to get into)... It's just better to buy new.

I'm not saying it can't be done, nor should you do it... I'm merely saying it's not the preferred route for someone just getting into an Autococker...

Besides, I thought any "true cocker guy" would be stoked that a company was trying to resurrect the classic.

It's like an old Mustang guy complaining that he could buy and fix up an old Mustang for cheaper than a new mustang... he's kinda missing the point...

And valve tools... if you couldn't find one, you can simply just make one by drilling a hole in an Allen wrench.
Cool, so your conversation would go like this...

New Player: I'm thinking about getting an autococker for the first time!

You: Great! First go get yourself an extra allen wrench and then drill a hole in that, then go buy a used gun, tear the whole thing down to replace seals, then put it back together and learn [the complicated] 'timing' aspect!

New Player: I think I'll just buy a Resurrection... and save myself the hassle.

Key here is 'new player' or 'new to autococker'. IF you're an old tech guy, then you CAN build yourself a cheaper cocker...

But I don't think this new autococker is marketed to old tech guys like us so much as trying to create a new market today for a classic marker.

And as I said, it'll will garner more attention at the field than the slew of anonymous electro's and m16 milsim markers that have come out over the past 5-10 years.

Seems like a lot of you would rather stubbornly see the Autococker fade into obscurity than see anyone try to bring it back for a new market.
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Anyone willing to shell out any amount of money on an autococker in 2013 probably enjoys mindless activities like... tearing down autocockers in the first place. This has been iterated post, after post, after post, after post by autococker fans themselves. They *all* consider themselves "techy".

So it's not the "fear of teardown" of an old gun that will sell the new autococker. It's about the particular features of the Resurrection that you can't get on an older cocker no matter how many times you replace the o-rings or how many valve tools you do or don't own.

I.e. no matter how many times you tear down an old STO, a new Empire Trigger frame will never magically appear on your gun. Or the barrel kit. Or the half-blocking. Or the clamping feed neck. Or the detents.
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Hey guys, I'm a Cocker Expert, and I'm here to tell you that I approve of the Resurrection.
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Oring kits from
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Really!!!!!!! What a waste of my time reading!

The fact is if you want it go and buy it. If you don't then save your $$$$.
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Originally Posted by docfire View Post
sorry I can't say right now.
Can ya tell me? You can kill me afterwards. I cannot wait for my to come in at the local field. I pre ordered back in early march.
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Don't forum much, but I love the Cocker talk and thought I'd add a quick comment. I've always been more of a mag guy, and I've been hacking/teching guns since the old days (BE Nightmares, Mirages, Spyders, Mags, etc). I recently thought I would try out the dark side and bought a 2000 WGP Stocker off of ebay. I am new to cockers, but I had a good time (I guess I'm a masochist) taking it down and fixing it. And when I say fix, I mean everything from the stock reg rebuild, to the fittings, 3 way, LPR, and Ram. Everything leaked. It can be a lot of fun and very rewarding to tear one of these down and rebuild it. With that said, I finally know what you cocker guys have been slobbering over for all these years. I got my first mag in 96 and never had a cocker til 2013, and did I ever miss out. Still love the mags, but this cocker is the more fun than any of my other guns to shoot, and that includes my electros. Anyone got a time machine so I can go back to 96 and slap myself?
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I know what you mean. I shot an R/T for about a decade, and that puppy was a hammer. It was a tool for shooting paint. It was as reliable as they come, and it really was a great marker. Then I got my first cocker. Then my first slider frame. It was all over. Ended up selling off my mag and always making sure I brought a slider with me to the field. They may not be perfect, but they're a ton of fun and have soul. They're like the classic cars of paintball.
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I am not a Cocker Expert but I approve as well. You can't short stroke it if you tried.

I did notice how compact it is.
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