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There's a video on fb that's all I've seen. The audio sucks though. From what it look like you can use any 45k to fill a small 3k. They used a 13ci as an example so I'm assuming bigger than that may have issues. Perfect for my 8ci
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There's a couple new, or at least revised guns from Tippmann and Ben... Tippmann...

Tippmann/US Army has released a different version of the Alpha Black called the Alpha Black Elite.
Only difference I can see is that the carry handle is now removable to reveal a usable picatinny sight rail and the forearm has an underbody pic rail as well.

New Tippmann Products released at Extravagana

BT/Empire, meanwhile is now selling the TM-15 LE in all-black and has unveiled an H&K G36-ish version of their BT-4 which frankly looks like crap. I wonder if it's so off-model in order to avoid trademark infringement since Tippmann has that license deal with H&K. There's some speculation that that magazine may actually be usable but I have my doubts.

New BT Gear PHOTOS Inside - BT-4 G36 and TM-15
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I'm pretty sure Empire has a license deal as well. The newer TM-7's all have an official H&K logo on them.
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Originally Posted by D3adpool View Post
^ are there pix/news of that??
Originally Posted by TargetIndy View Post
Air Gun Refill System

This isn't a paintball item, but rather an air system designed for air gun shooters. The system features a regulator set for a 3000 psi output. The fill station allows air gun owners to recharge their guns directly from a Ninja 90/4500 tank.

Ninja Safety Check Valve

This item is a must-have for every field and paintball store! The integrated check valve reduces the risk of injury from an improperly connected fill whip.

Taken from PBN.
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I take it the 90/45 is proprietary than? As in this can't be slapped on to any 4500? Still this could be used for mini tanks. I take it they didn't mention price
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Originally Posted by LudavicoSoldier View Post
Don't get yer hopes up for new Twisters!
Yeah,.. i second this.

Whats the point of bringing back a twister body of you havent improved the design?

The first thing that should have changed was the front block screw.... its STILL a 1999 style screw.

I have one of the original bodies from when BPS was doing these....

Mine looks EXACTLY the same as the ones shown (i went with course milling though on the body)

The feedneck is a huge disappointment as well,.....

You make a new product or bring back an old one,.. some things have to change,... unless you truly are not intending to sell them in the first place.
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Im on board with the WTF?? Twisters??? And not make changes.
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Updated photo
Originally Posted by tjd10684 View Post
It "feels" nice when you touch it
Originally Posted by Loguzzzzzz View Post
Every hole costs money
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