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Originally Posted by woouulf View Post
This still has nothing to do will the MCB limited Edition Twister Body by Lapco...
You may want to have a discussion with Lapco....
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Originally Posted by Tyler_vanvoorthuijse View Post
can you be more clear on these?

Clamshell vs 45 Deg Milling?
Cut thru or Solid like Twister Lites?

^^^ that pic is cut through clamshell to answer your question
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So what exactly is up with these? Lapco not going to make any and it's all BPS? Tell us please
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I think my head is going to explode now.
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Originally Posted by laxpro69 View Post
So what exactly is up with these? Lapco not going to make any and it's all BPS? Tell us please
Serge has made all the BPS Twisters in all variations... We finalized the deal at Paintball Extravaganza on Tuesday (26th) after a almost a years worth of discussions with him.

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Ahh gotcha,any idea on how soon production will begin?
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Originally Posted by ttwo View Post
[CENTER]Like he said... It looks like we are forced to play our hand earlier than anticipated.

You might want to save your pennies for the real thing... Because it's coming.
Pennies saved... ER, make that Benjamins. I am watching this closely, and if you offer a black/red/white splash like Matt's old one, I am all over that.

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The Autococker is alive and well! PPS is doing a small run right now, Empire has resurrected WGP, and now BPS is officially bringing back the Twister. What a year this is shaping up to be! I'm fortunate to own both a first gen and a clamshell Twister, so I'm super stoked to hear of the possibility of a new design. Please sign me up for whatever new body you guys come up with; I'd be proud to own it and shoot it.
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im out.. pre-order or not, this is nonsense.. great so you have been talking about it for over (or almost a year) what about that other DECADE when people still were clamoring for your product and nothing happened..
so let me get this straight, 1 guy has a couple hour long talk with a machinist, and makes something happen that according to you guys has taken over a year?.. now all of a sudden, with this persons help and a decently sized group of interested parties makes it a reality, here you are

you guys said NOTHING when chrisshanks got the 5 spine's done, now you see volume and here you are?

so if we want jackal machine to come back we need to setup a group order for a bunch of RDL's?

or if we want doc to sell more fastbacks.. we do a group order of those?

ive always thought the twister was hands down the coolest milling of all time, but i dont like these business tactics... i was conflicted between this and the Resurrection.. thank you for making my decisions for me

(BTW none of this is directed at you wooulf i appreciate you for stepping up and making something happen when other entities had remained quiet) please take me off the list


^And i did it while wearing a helmetcam^ in 1080P HD if you need proof
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Is it possible they didn't want to make them because of K2 sueing them, at least since all that happened? I don't know if that would matter though, since they are probably using WGP blanks.
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