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Looks awsome!
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is that a TPX hes using? if so whats that thing on top? another magazine?
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Missed this Was not able to get leave to make it down.

Getting into the bunker again is possible I suppose, but it all depends on what the new owner does with it. He thought it would be cool to open up for Gary to have a go at it.

Glad it went well.

Last big game/tourney of Gary's I played at, it was in the basement of the Royal Bank in Truro I'm showing my age haha

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Dude I'll be 42 next month the only movement i'll be joining is in the crapper.
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yeah this was a lot of fun, i do hope something like this happens again. did anyone else that attended get to see some of the creepy art left on the walls, and in some of the rooms?
yay fer paintball
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Yeah did you see the black alien downstairs? You should have seen the art that was taken out before the game, a full scale creepy white cow was my personal favourite.
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i didn't get to see the cow in the balloon room but i heard about it. i hope you got to see the large paintings. we got to see the bears in the map room.
yay fer paintball
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Tube fed TPx at 2:40?
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What is the big knife for? TF
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Please leave me honest Feedback after any B/S/T arrangments. Thank you.
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Sad I missed it.
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God damn them all, I was told we'd cruise the boards for paintgun gold
We'd fire no junk, shed no tears
Now I have a broken eliminator on Halifax pier, the last of USI's privateers
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I love playing in urban settings, that one looked so nice.

We´re gonna play in the enemy´s missile base in 3 weeks, it doesn´t look that good though.

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That was an awesome day! Yes, the TPX is modded for a top tube mag, my friend Forge, (Howitzer here on MCB) uses it. He was our squad leader. I think I can still find that picture of you with the russian flag Preacher. No wonder the russians won, God was on our side!
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