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Originally Posted by Jebus View Post
A Marble that doesn't hurt as much?
Probably foam based, in orange or yellow. Something that can be picked up and reused to save having to carry a bunch of pods. It will revolutionize the sport!!!
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anti-gravity paintballs, obviously.
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Heard some pretty cool things over the past couple days. We had our Kee reps at the warehouse for Dealer Days, and they were giving us a little insight into what may or may not be coming out from Simon. Needless to say, I'm pretty excited.
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Although I am not sure anything could have a longer lasting effect than the "Simonizer" at EMR, well at least until the next morning...

This is what I am planning.

I feel that it's time to do something differently! Next week I am going to give away the files for something very cool to the paintball community for ever. :idea:

This is where things are going to get interesting.

Over my years at NPS/KEE/Empire I have always helped people wanting to make parts and accessories for the products I have brought to market (it's kind of how I started in this business myself). I am going to continue that with my new company Inception Designs, and actually go one step further and put it into my business plan. Making files for certain parts and options open source when they aren't critical to the functionality and reputation of the core product. I am also going to make parts and components available in a "raw" state to encourage people, fields and stores to make custom versions and put their own twist onto their products. Obviously I will have finished goods too for those that just want to just take it and play

Maybe this mindset will be a kick in the industries arse, and a paradigm shift in the industries way of thinking and bringing the industry back to the days when we worked together and everyone was more friendly.

I will have big news to follow in the next few days and as I get the open source forums set up. I'm working my butt off right now, but getting there one step at a time.

There are also many occasions where I have made parts or prototypes just for myself because I wanted them for when I play. Sometimes this ends up in industry paradigm shifting products like forcefeed loaders and sometimes it never makes it to the light of day because the "numbers just didn't make sense".

Also in the future if I have already done the work, but the "numbers" don't make sense (like the First Strike magazine for the Empire Trracer, or the bottom line kit for that gun) as I have limited resources to invest, rather than box it away never to see the light of day, I am going to release it to the community and give it a chance at life. If the community embraces it and the open source project is a success, who knows maybe we will continue with the community and do something like a kickstarter project to bring it all the way to fruition.

I've had too many cool things stuck in a closet and not make it out. It's time for a paradigm shift and for the community to have more options and more control of the products it wants.

This week I will give away the files to something big so anyone can go and make it via rapid prototyping machines. I will also have prototypes with me at the CPX Living Legends game for people to check out in person! (as well as t-shirts and some other smaller products some of you have guessed at already).

Do people see value in this kind of community resource and sharing? Would you want to be able to customize your own gun at home with say files and a hacksaw or a dremel without it compromising the gun for ever? Or maybe even print your own grips or triggers on a makerbot at home or at school?
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Making me even more excited here Simon...
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Originally Posted by Spider! View Post
I'm gonna pop some aggs.
Only got 20 rounds in my pocket.
I'm huntin'
Looking for some cover,
This is ****ing awesome.
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I must say you've impressed this old man with that plan!

I've played pistol all my 27 years of paintball, you can imagine the sheer number of detail mods I've done. From aluminum cylinders for the 3357s, to the front load port for the zeus', to a rechargeable co2 cylinder that loads in the TiPX.
All my mods have always been open source, much of it through this forum for the last decade. There are more I'd be happy to share.
In addition I have two designs for scratchbuilt pistols that have never been built that you're welcome to, anytime.

I like the idea and wish you the best!

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I just want to let you know that if I ever come to the realization of being gay, posters with your face will be all over my paintball wall.

Without the mask on.
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what about a magical box that converts the high pressure "pop" of your gun into a low pressure high volume "pop" oh wait it's already been done
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Heinous WTF! You're *supposed* to be jumping on his e-peen! Delivering internet cookies, fresh from your oven! Clacking imaginary, long distance beers together!

On that note anyways, I like the sound of what I'm hearing. And hope things take off big with the plan!
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I for one think this sounds great. I have always had a feeling some of the products Simon developed had the penny pinching committee take the original concept down to a point where it was un appealing to me. I knew there were designs that got shelved, or maybe never even fully conceptualized. I'll be watching closely.
Originally Posted by Slappadapink View Post
Don't piss on my back and tell me it's raining.
Originally Posted by PitBull View Post
i think the phantom needle is in my arm for good now..
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