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Here's my thought: put the feed technology they have developed into a mainstream hopper shell if it is so efficient at delivering a super-high rate of fire without jamming or deforming the paint and out sell the Rotor, Spire, and anything else on the market

- The backpack looks like it moves around A LOT while running
- That much paint in a plastic box is going to make a lot of noise with every move you make
- You would have to pass the marker behind your back to switch hands and fire from both sides of an obstacle
- What Curt said about breaking a ball
-What if you do get a jam? Take the backpack off and turn it upside down or empty it on the field and waste 1200 rounds?

Cool engineering exercise but I'll pass... unless it came in a 50 round size
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It's not supposed to appeal to a lot of us. It's not something that pump players, pistol players, or guys that love playing in full tourney gear are going to buy, and they have to know that. It's clearly aimed at the scenario guys might like, and for that it looks like it could have a home---and that could be a decent size market. I wish them the best. Thumbs up to anyone that's going to go and try something new.

Its not for me, although it would be a whole lot of fun with my Reflex.
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That tech would make a good box mag.
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I approve. Makes me wonder about teh warp feed days, the Q loader, and how this product differs from both of those.

(talking about feeding a center feed marker with a tube full of paint)

Though I think I goes against their message to have a HUD add on. Why? Does that not exchange one bulky top piece for another?
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Now if only I had a paintball minigun.....
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I like it. that's pretty cool.

Its a pretty good engineering feat .

One idea leads to another idea.
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Originally Posted by HurtCow View Post
I'd hate to bump into something and break a ball inside it, getting paint on the all the rest of the balls. At least with pods it limits how much paint gets spooged.

edit: Why in the hell is that guy playing without a mask???
because just like the old video, you never see is actually working, hes not playing without a mask, because hes not really playing


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Will an GOG Envy fire 1200 balls using a 22cuin tank? It appears Rambo's setup is counter productive.
Originally Posted by heinous View Post
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I can say that gunners in a tank will love this product as long as it can push paint through a longer hose. For scenario play it will get in the way of a camelbak so many will not use it for that reason. I think if it was smaller and would fit around the hip like a pod pack it will do better so people could still wear a camelbak. 1200 rounds is a lot and I don't see many scenario players going out to the field with 10 pods.
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Judgements regarding the practicality aside, the straps and webbing are going to be potential weak points here. They don't look like high quality design or materials. I hope they're easily replaceable
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