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Originally Posted by heinous View Post
they are looking for a new simon then?
A new Simon? No, because really he cannot be replaced.

We are looking for some new blood, new ideas, someone that is just getting started in their career and wants to grow with the company.

A lot of good candidates have been pouring in, I'm excited to see who we pick up!
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ah yes. The bentonville springdale rogers fayetteville area isn't that bad. Its 4 decent size towns that have grown together to the point you can't tell where one ends and the next begins. One thing though, if you want good service at a resteraunt or gas station or really anywhere around, wear Razorback colors. They will think your local and treat you better.
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How old is this: 1201 SE 30TH Street - Listing # 673679 - McNaughton Real Estate

Sounds like a fun job though. At least the chance for further exposure to product lines wouldn't be too out of reach.
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Originally Posted by Mar View Post
I really like the picture posts, because I don't understand most of the word posts.
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LOL, a job in the paintball industry that I ace all the qualifications for many times over. Thats a first
I even know all the CAE modules for Solidworks including flowworks. Would be fun to work in the paintball industry.
Hope you find someone!
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I am Qualified... I just don't know if I'd like to Relocate to Arkansas.

Plus, I'm sure there's a hundred people Better Qualified.
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Too bad you're not hiring in Florida... I have a Cert in CAD with training in solidworks, autocad, and revit. My job for the past 2 years has been with a CAD/CAM company too where I did tech support and training.

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Originally Posted by pizzaluvr View Post
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Yeah, who wants to move to the largest Arkansas College town with literally thousands of beautiful southern girls...
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