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Ok, thanks for the info. I will now finally have a use for that reloader b I bought years back and never really used.
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Originally Posted by Kahnif View Post
Why not make it longer front to back instead of making it so tall? Though I am glad to see a smaller force feed hopper finally make it to the market.
The tall thing is a bit of an illusion.

Having seen these in person, they are very small. The shortness creates an illusion of height.

They are a little odd-looking at first, but they grow on you. All loaders are pretty weird-looking when you think about it. Simon clearly allowed the function to determine the form in these, which I assume was the whole point. As has already been noted, you can't simply shrink a motorized loader and expect to keep all the proportions the same. A smaller body with the same size guts is just going to look different; that's the nature of the beast.

I've never been much for small loaders, but if I were, I'd be all over these in a hot second. A great idea and very cool design. And if these are like the ones I saw, they are very well-built also.
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Originally Posted by Mar View Post
what engine do I need to have to throw in there?
A small block chevy.
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Originally Posted by Talfuchre View Post
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I only buy these if 16.5% are made in UK :-)
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And here I was thinking of selling my Magna, now I just have to butter up the wife to buy the shell
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Does any one have one? Can you post a pic side by side with a Revy?

I would like to see the size difference....
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Originally Posted by sniper97 View Post
Does any one have one? Can you post a pic side by side with a Revy?

I would like to see the size difference....
There is a video comparison on my YouTube channel.

Inception Designs Pico Hopper Body shell comparison - YouTube
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Any idea how much extra shipping would be to Canada?
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I'll send cash pmt via paypal later today....
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