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Using TiPX internals over Phenom internals
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Its mostly a TiPX with the FRX kit on it, but with some really great upgrades.
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Really can't wait for this to be released. I hope they keep the price competitive.
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Originally Posted by scougar View Post
really can't wait for this to be released. I hope they keep the price competitive.
$350 iirc.
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Originally Posted by agentSmith
It looks to me Like the foregrip and rail panels on the co2 doors come off and the rail on top looks like it can be removed. With the stock pulled out it would be no bigger than a zeus after all that, plus being lighter and regulated.

Man, if that was possible (and I sincerely hope it is) then I'd be all over this. My first thoughts when looking at the platform were "So does it come out of that shroud?"
The biggest selling points (for me) are the 12g changer, and the fact they finally got the grips right!

Having said that, with these new 12 round mags coming out - it's really doing a lot to tempt me towards a TiPX as it is...
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Originally Posted by Lead Magnet View Post
Using TiPX internals over Phenom internals
At first I agreed, but then recently I cleaned and lubed my TPX valve and reg. using a tool to take out the 'C' clips was a bit of a pain, with the $2 harbor freight tool I have, but once out it was easy to just drop out the internals wipe them and lube them.

I've been very impressed with the consistency since, the phenom internals are awesome with the way they drop out, but it's too big and heavy for this application, they are great for high rates of fire on HPA, but if you want light and compact, for semi only and handles CO2 well, the TPX internals do a fine job.

Can't wait to see one up close, it looks like the stock is attached with bolts, can probably easliy remove the front grip, even if the side panels don't remove you'll have a chunky pistol format very quickly.
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Yep, I'd totally hack off some bits and rock it as a pistol.

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Buypbl from Montreal Canada had one of 3 (according to them) production models at a recent big game (Tippman's DDay at commando this past June 14). It was there for promotion of the product and it was really cool to hold. Sorry no pics.

What I remember thinking about it:

Feels like the first tight mag fed set up I've held. Like a smg rather than a giant cannon - sorry milsig lovers.
12 round mags were as long as zetas
Mag carrier on stock worked decent
In stock remote line adapter looked really easy to switch to.
12 gram changer was really cool. Really fast and easy.
One of the reps played with it for a bit...shot just like a tipx. Worked without issue.
They said it would be released end of summer fall (oct maybe --all speculation from the rep).

I think i the stock was removed you'd have a pretty beefy but manageable pistol.
Not my thing but it was cool. Hope that helps anyone who's curious about a hands on first impression.
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They had a couple of TCR's on the racks at the Tippmann tent at Global conquest at the weekend, no shooting, just lot's of fondling.

First impression was they are suprisingly heavy for a plastic shell, compared to a loaded TPX with Zetamag a bit heavier. Very solid feel.

The 12g drop out is very nice, adjustbale cam side drop out, there is a metal roller on the the cam too. You just pull out the rail on that side, maybe a bit fiddly, but since it's a rail easy enough to put on an extra something to grab hold of.

The stock is not screwed onto the back, but mounts inside, but is a completely seperate item, you waould have to open the clamshells to remove it, There were a lot of screws holding the body together!.
The sliding part of the stock was a bit loose and wobbly, they have recognised this and they are working on it.

If you look at the video, under where the stock attaches is a shelf about an inch long, this where the flip out remote adapter is. This is an obvious mod to a gas in stock, Tippmann even has 13ci HPA that they are selling for airsoft and 50cal, that would be very neat.

at the front of the body you can see a split, they told me this was to accomadate different body kits down the line, the 12g changer is mostly inside the is removable piece, so you can't just discard it.

Theres quite alot of extra meat, that I guess could be shaved off to make it more pistol like, there's a whole ventilated rail thing like on a Phenom, but you would have to replace the screws and maintain strucural integrity

No flip up sites on the two they had, but there was a hopper adapter on one.

AgentSmith took a picture of me holding it, maybe he'll post up when he's free.

The 12 shot mag was very long, twice as long as a TPX mag, the bottom exposed half is shaped like a grip and solid, no opening for dirt to get on your balls.
Seemed natural enough on the TCR, kind of unwieldy on a TPX, but he same as Zetamag I suppose (I haven't used them).

No sling mounts, but lots of holes and rails to attach too I suppose.
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