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Brass and Wood Fan
Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change.

Pump Paintball Marker

Bare Bones: (send us the parts) $505.00 (install the parts yourself) $480.00
Vertical Air supply, 7/8” Center “Stove pipe” feed neck, 10” Fixed Barrel Wedgits, Ball Detent, Performance tuned, Quick strip, RVA and Brass Finish

Not included in Bare Bones:

Grip Frame
Pump Kit
Clamping Feed
Matte Nickel Finnish add $40.00

Basic: $640.00
Vertical Air supply, Center Clamping feed, 10” Fixed Barrel with Wedgits,
Stock Blazer Grip Fame, Ball Detent, Performance tuned, Quick strip, RVA, basic pump kit and Matte Nickel Finish


Matte Nickel add $40.00
Black Zinc add $80.00

Polishing is $120 per hour

Removable Barrel (cocker or A5 thread) $80.00 Removable barrel sold separate.

Feed neck
$30.00 = Right or left hand
$50.00 = Threaded for cocker (1”) Feeds
$100.00 = Spring Feed

Grip Frame
-$40.00 = customer supplies frame
$65.00 = Pyre Frame
$99.00 = CCM Frame

Pump Kit
-$30.00 = Customer supplies kit
$60.00 = Pyre Pump kit
$110.00 = Pyre pump kit with auto trigger (must have Pyre Grip frame)
$99.00 = CCM pump kit

These are a few of the base options. For more information on custom options... Check out some of the guns listed here Pump Pistol : Palmers Pursuit Shop, Where Custom Still Means Something. Click on the grey and blue link to expose the options.

Our gallery is also a place for ideas. Palmers Pursuit Shop Gallery

As of March 29 2014, We will have this listed online with options within a month. Until then, a customer must call or email to start the order process.

After Hours Tech Support
916-477-0762 SMS Text Message

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Fan of EMR
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.67cal Buwwets!
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This really looks great.
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Heck yes...
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Had some photos taken before I took it out for proper use. Thought I would share them:

The gun is purposefully old school, so it took me a game to get my pump timing back, but boy-HOWDY was it fun to take on the field. I'll definitely be using this at Living Legends next weekend, can't wait to have it out in a big game like that.
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Brass and Wood Fan
I cant wait to see someone build one of these with a ccm 86 slider and a cocker threaded body.
Team Brass Mafia - The Yorkie

Originally Posted by Talfuchre View Post
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aka FairLady
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Brass and Wood Fan
that is glorious..
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Looks fantastic!
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Whoa can we make this a mech? That would be a lot of fun! Also somewhat blasphemous.
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