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RIP indeed. Now I feel even more lucky to own a couple Grey Ghosts and a Spirit.
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I hate reading this type of news. God speed Colin! There's been a LAPCO gun in our header - at least the original one - for the past 8 years it would seem. I owned more of those Ghosts than I would ever care to admit. There will always be a special place in my heart for those guns.
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Great guy. Always willing to talk with players. Share ideas and knowledge. I had many conversations with him on the phone over the yrs.
He even talked with my Mom once and gave her a little paintball knowledge. She had called up to ask a question for me while I was at work.

He will be missed greatly. It's a shame to, none of the younger players haven't really got to enjoy the company of the innovators of our sport.

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Rest In Peace, My Friend.

Haven't heard from Colin in a while.
Wondered what was going on.
He used to call at the strangest times, just to talk.

Can't say enough good things about the Man or his products.

It was a real shame the way Lapco treated him in the end.
The day he got the axe, he called and we talked for a long, long time.
But that's another story and another interesting piece of the long delay getting the "New Ghost" to market.
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Well, damn.

I can only echo others' thoughts - he was always great to just plain chat with, and to say that his guns are legendary among this audience is stating the blindingly obvious. LAPCO just wasn't really LAPCO without him, and it's obvious that many others regard history in the same way.

Farewell, Colin - you will be missed.

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First Russell
Then Bryan
Now Colin.
Very sad news to hear another early pioneer is gone.
Rest in Peace.

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RIP Colin. I hope they have plenty of new Amiga computers wherever you are.
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Rest In Peace! You are gone, but not forgotten. I never met you, but have read all the stories/post about your contribution to paintball. It is funny how you would work on other manufacturer's guns to get them "perfect" vs. selling more of your own.
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I never met the man but I played with my ghost today and will defend it as the best stock class marker I have ever owned and there have been many. Gogged one for you today man...
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