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Originally Posted by K_Obeastly View Post
There is a group of idiots out there playing taserball, I can see this happening. I really have no problem with other people playing like this so long as everyone playing is okay with it. I would even stand upwind and watch. The biggest problem would be people panicking and pulling masks off while others continue to shoot blinded by tears and snot that defies gravity.
To me tasering is way worse than paintball. I've never been tasered, but I have been jolted by volts more than a few times and I don't ever piss with electricity (unless I have to and then get zapped). There are so many more terrible things that can happen to you with tasers/electricity than compared to any pepper paintball.

I didn't think about the mask thing. That, to me, seems like a realistic issue. With the 2 instances I have seen pepper spray used (never on me, but my uncle got a bunch in a hilarious and stupidly innocent family story), the first thing that happens is complete ejection of all fluids from the eyes/nose/throat region. That would instantly have someone instinctively take off their mask which obviously is a problem.

But like I said, if you had an informed and willing group of friends (and ref) and an understanding of what may happen that this could be a fun and stupidly exciting exercise.
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Originally Posted by thecroatiansensation View Post
^^^^Roll eyes? Come on man. I am not saying fill up a hopper and 4 pods, jam it into a luxe and spray down the kinde-garden kids.

I know what pepper spray/powder is. I know what it is used for.

I think it would be fun/suck at the same time to try it out. I understand that very few people can react violently to it, but if it was the black plague as you make it out then they wouldn't sell it in every COGO's.

I think that it would hit a few bunkers pretty quick and you would have to get away from the bunkers super quick or face the consequences. I think it would be worth it for a good 5 on 5 of good friends.
Take a pepperball to the facemask and come back and tell us that you still think this sounds like a fun idea.

Originally Posted by Axel View Post
Wal-Mart is selling pepper balls? In .68 caliber? This will not end well.
It certainly won't.
Thus far they've been exotic novelties, but if things like pepperballs and glass-breaker rounds become widely available it could have wide consequences for the legality of paintball guns in a lot of places.
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I'm surprized nobody has comment on the practice pack in the photo. $17.97 for 30 rounds! That's what, $1200 a case.

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These two quotes say it all...

Pepperballs should NOT be made in 68 caliber. jesus christ pick any other caliber above 70 and below 65. A recreational toy should not be easily converted into a self defense tool - that is asking for trouble.

If the purpose of pepperball is a home defense option, a larger caliber would only make it a more viable self defense tool.

Originally Posted by Axel View Post
Wal-Mart is selling pepper balls? In .68 caliber? This will not end well.
Originally Posted by Schmitti View Post
See the news from a few years ago where some schumcks loaded steel ball bearings in their guns at a big game at Skirmish.

Not a good thing.


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Originally Posted by snoopay700 View Post
You do realize what pepperballs do, right?
judging fromthat guy from what was it.. Penn state? I'm saying but much. Dude took at least the chest smiling. This was from police riot control so I'm guessing a bit more punch than wal mart brand. it still took a few cops and a nice punch to the face to subdue him. Someone savvy please post a link
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Originally Posted by Chad Thompson View Post
It was a simple question....I thought.
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I think the underlying point is that while they may not be terribly physically dangerous, the fact remains that they are more dangerous to use than a standard paintball, simply because they're designed to be.

Add to that the fact that this sport has had enough black eye in the opinion of the general public, and these allegedly intelligent people who make these things have just opened a fresh batch of ways to give this sport a bad name. As if there weren't enough people using their markers unsafely, now they have less safe ammunition for them. I guess we'll see what happens the next time someone loses an eye because they got hit with a frozen pepperball without wearing a mask, or someone walking down the street gets hit and has an asthma attack because of it. Or something like that.

A larger caliber would very much be appreciated.
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Played pepperball paintball as you mentioned. 1 per hopper. Group of close friends and field owner back in '04. It went... ok. Entertaining, stupid, and dangerous. I don't recommend.

But we only played once because we only had access to a handful. Because they were super rare and the field owner probably shouldn't have had them anyways. He got them still loaded in a police marker that came in for service. (So he claimed.)

Being available at wallyworld is not going to end well. You take something like that out to a field and it's assault. You don't even have to use it and it's still assault. You intend to use it on somebody with intention of harm. Assault. This is bad news.
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Originally Posted by zacgodwin View Post
judging fromthat guy from what was it.. Penn state? I'm saying but much. Dude took at least the chest smiling. This was from police riot control so I'm guessing a bit more punch than wal mart brand. it still took a few cops and a nice punch to the face to subdue him. Someone savvy please post a link
I'd have to know the full story for that to have any weight. There could be a bunch of factors that allowed that to happen, doesn't mean that all pepperballs are ineffective.

Shooting them at anyone is dangerous because you don't know how strong they are. Realistically these things should only be used against someone you want to cause harm.
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Arizona, not Penn State. It was a riot, not silence about child rape.
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Originally Posted by hyperu2 View Post
arizona, not penn state. It was a riot, not silence about child rape.
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