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In the News, Close to Home: NH officer killed in line of duty

I just heard about it tonight... An officer in Manchester, NH where I lived earlier last year, was shot a few days ago. He has now died from his wounds.

More info here:

This is big for NH where not too much goes on here. They plan on seeking the death penalty. To put this in perspective, the last time the death penalty was inacted was 1939.

Yeah.... like I said, not too much happens around here.

Officer Michael Briggs was only 35.


Trying to lighten the mood: The last time we had this much excitement was the Pamela Smart case.
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As a former Marine and Purple Heart recipient, it always hits me when I hear about a policeman getting killed. My heart goes out to your community and Officer Briggs' family. God bless.
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Its a sport of honor.
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When a officer goes down it is not a agency that looses the officer, it is an entire nation.

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I like cops dont get me wrong. I know quiet a few.

But if a cop acts like the state troopers do here in NC no wonder. Alot of people just dont have the patience to put up with the crap that the state troppers here pull. Some realize they are just doing there job and I am one of them. But if they smart off to me like the last one did. Even I wanted to get out and punch him in the nose. But someone who has had a bad day already, or a short temper wont put up with it.

But in my opinion (and all the cops I know agreed). A city cop, sheriff patrol, or state tropper should act professional. Running there mouth and trying to act tougher than they are because of their badge is what gets them in trouble. The sheriff here said if one of them gets smart with someone, then the cop shouldnt get mad if the person they pulled over gets smart with them.

The last time I got pulled I didnt know the state tropper was behind me (because I normally dont check my mirros). I pull into the gas station to get gas. My girlfriend was behind me (and he cut her off, to pull me over) said he didnt follow me but about 35 yards. But I got out of my truck to get gas and he starts screaming for me to get back into my truck or he was going to shoot me.

Ok now is it just me or is screaming I will shoot you going to be an invitation to someone to shoot them before they get shot. The time before that was by a different state tropper. He laughed and joked with me and was real friendly. Yeah the ticket was costly but I was no where near as mad for getting pulled over that time as I did by this one.
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