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keep on hording those all WGP bodies, the prices shall rise again!!
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I've wanted to do an internal pump rod on a sniper for a long time. I would imagine that it would make for a nicer pump stroke, since the pump rod A: wouldnt bend and B: wouldnt twist.

dual internal pump rods.... mmmmmm
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I'd love to know what most of those firing modes are like.

15 BPS F/A
16 BPS F/A
17 BPS F/A
18 BPS S/A w/Ramping

How the heck will you tell what mode you're on anyway? Lots of little LED's?
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Me no like.

After the karni they just went to pot.
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Like the modern black magic its two years too late. I love cockers, ill end up with these and i hope that they understand where they are in the market and price themselves accordingly otherwise it will be a "dud".

Worr games may have to finally invent something of their own to get back into the game.
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My eyes!
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sure is ugly
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Originally Posted by K_Obeastly View Post
just a few random thoughts and comparisons

no back block- new idea from WGP in 05 or 06 vs. standard for PMI 1985

no cocking rod/no beaver tail needed- new for wgp in 03? 04? vs. standard for everybody else except AM

internal/hidden pump rod- new to wgp in 06 vs. powerlyte internal ram 01? I know KPcustoms had internal rods on one of the guns they brought to spe in 05.

This is my Scout from K&P Customs. dual pump rods ran internally through the body. I think also Ken's Ma-deuce-a also uses an internal pump rod too.
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Not fair, Brute! You know I wasn't talking about companies that are still using the designs from back then. I love Blazers and most of what came out in the 90's. In fact, I might buy a new cocker if Bud/K2 would come out with a simple, right feed, single-trigger slider that didn't involve 3-D milling and firing modes!


Originally Posted by Brewtt View Post

What about: Blazer(or any Palmer) Not "made cheaply."
Or H8TR(Valkyrie)

(Looking like crap is "eye of the beholder.")
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