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Originally Posted by GMEX View Post
How the heck will you tell what mode you're on anyway? Lots of little LED's?
Yup. Lots of little LEDs that spell out words. If it's anything like my E1 autococker (Eclipse frame), it'll probably look something like:

The sad thing is that they're making their guns look like all the other guns and less like an autococker (once common, now stands out as unique).
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I want voice activated guns like Judge Dread.

"Flamethrower." *gun repeats in metallic voice: "Flamethrower."
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I wonder out of 52 modes if there is one called semi auto? no ramping no turbo just 1 pull 1 shot LOL now wouldnt that be something. Except for Palmer and Carter Markers plus a few small exceptions not one company is making markers that look different from other companies. I have lost track, how many PB companies has K2 absorbed?
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Looking forward to see how this stacks up against the empire resurrection!
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You realize this is 7 years old, right?
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Old 04-14-2013, 10:21 PM   #46 (permalink)
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This is what became the SR.

And it did not stack up well against a Dragunfly.
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I almost **** myself in joy until I saw the gun and post date.
Originally Posted by crazyorigin View Post
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why u bluball us with a necro?
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