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I agree, love the look of the body, but don't like the giant SHOCKTECH that screams into your face.

Great to see a nice single slider frame.
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The logo is much like they were on the later guns. The body shape itself is much like or identical to the earliest rounded off SFL's.

Basically it is exactly what was just purged on ebay recently, plus the fact that it has a vastly superior feedneck system than the WGP feedneck.

So thats nice.

What are you all talking about with this "700 dollars, what are they thinking" business?

There are 2 high end semi automatic guns available. The palmer blazer starting at 400 dollars with no regulator or barrel, with a single trigger frame and right feed. Add options and it is basically the same price.

The ULE automag which basically any config brings you over the 400 dollar mark unless you use just beat components and any X valve.

So 700 dollars for a beautiful hand tuned gun is a bargain. Exciting to see. No innovation is a shame. I would have liked to see them redesign their pneumatics a bit. Their rams are considered average and their LPR is a decent copy of the rock, so that is okay. I guess just a better ram would be nice. I like that they changed the trigger frame.

As for me - I love it, and am very excited. It is beautiful and lacks nothing. Only thing I would do is use a stubby short cocking rod and either cut down the stock bolt or cut down a CCM bolt so I can reduce the length out the back a half inch or so.

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I'm trying to figure out how I can scratch the cabbage together! This will probably be the last cocker to come out of a factory.
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Originally Posted by Cunha View Post
Their rams are considered average and their LPR is a decent copy of the rock, so that is okay. I guess just a better ram would be nice.
how do you know they did not improve upon their previous shortcomings?
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$800 Shocktech SFL, ready to go.


$690 Blazer 2KS + 2.5 cases of paint or a Blazer Pump Kit and a bag of Marbs.

Regardless, it's good to see ST back into the 'cocker market.

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$700 dollars for a mini mech cocker. WHY? it already has a slider frame on it, some people are obviously going to convert it to pump.
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The giant SHOCKTECH milled into it just kills it for me. Why couldn't they have just brought back the nice SFL's they had made before, this is silly, like the ST DM5.
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Is it drilled for eyes?
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put me down for one.

blazer = hinge
SFL = slider
therefore i'll probably never own a blazer and will be buying an SFL. 680 isn't bad.
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Link not working for me unless all you whores are flooding the site with orders!
I think the price should be 600 with everything, but then ST knows they are selling rare item here. Milling is OK, definitely puts there brand out there and it can't be copied by a knock off so that should protect the value for the 09 buyers.
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