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Are they pricey, yes. But I almost expect them to sell out. Cocker enthusiasts seem to have money, and I am heavily considering buying one
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yeah, site got slammed it looks like. and not like theres much new on the market for the classic cocker guys to get really excited about
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Originally Posted by Cunha View Post
The logo is much like they were on the later guns. The body shape itself is much like or identical to the earliest rounded off SFL's.

Basically it is exactly what was just purged on ebay recently, plus the fact that it has a vastly superior feedneck system than the WGP feedneck.

So thats nice.

What are you all talking about with this "700 dollars, what are they thinking" business?

There are 2 high end semi automatic guns available. The palmer blazer starting at 400 dollars with no regulator or barrel, with a single trigger frame and right feed. Add options and it is basically the same price.

The ULE automag which basically any config brings you over the 400 dollar mark unless you use just beat components and any X valve.

So 700 dollars for a beautiful hand tuned gun is a bargain. Exciting to see.

RT ULE off the website is $481.00 plus shipping.
Includes everything but a barrel (Including the Xvalve).
Looking more like a mechanical bargain every day !
I just saw a used one go for 370.00 shipped on Ebay.

I cant see the link, it seems the ST USA website is down,
but I have never ever seen a cocker I'd pay $700.00 for, never.
All I can say to them is good luck selling very many in this down economy, at that (in my estimation, ridiculous) price .

Heres the pot belly nation link with a pic:

NEW 09 Shocktech SFL Autococker!!! - PbNation

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Not a fan of the body.
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why do we get this if want to leave sit to see other info post their when most just don't want to be on their long

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im really loving that frame, i hope they decide to sell it separately.

Originally Posted by chrislognshot View Post
why do we get this if want to leave sit to see other info post their when most just don't want to be on their long

WARNING! - PbNation
there was some account phishing last year, so they put it up as a warning so people dont unwittingly enter their pbnation info on a non pbnation site.

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Originally Posted by chrislognshot View Post
why do we get this if want to leave sit to see other info post their when most just don't want to be on their long

WARNING! - PbNation
I could honestly not make sense of that, lol.
This looks good, but if you shrink the shocktech logo like 3 times, it would definitely be a beauty. It is now, but 700? I think 400 would be pushing it.
Those hoses are backwards too.
Its good to see a new cocker coming out thats mech. It even has a slider
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Five bucks says with the 2010 model they start milling a dovetail mount into the slider frame
Originally Posted by Jordan View Post
Love how the thread got de-railed to incestuous relations and soldering brass tubes together. Classic MCB at it's finest.
Originally Posted by HP_Lovecraft View Post
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Priced WELL out of its own market. Don't get me wrong, these have been great cockers. I am sure this one continues that tradition, but at that price tag they aren't helping anyone aquire one.
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I'd lvoe to get one, but I'm with the majority here, just too pricey. If I want a high end mech I'd probably save a couple hundred and grab another Tac One.

Now if it was in the $500 range....

I do really like seeing the old school coming back to the market though. That azodin or whatever it's called pump, now another likey where this is going.
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