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Originally Posted by Rickfactor2 View Post
Would you put out 3000psi through your gun ? Have you ever seen a macro line burst or maybe the fitting and have the line whip around across your face or neck ? I have. The picture clearly shows no mechanism to control output pressure nor does it have a real burst disc.

I have never seen a great white shark either but Im not going to go swimming covered in bacon.

Easy there sparky.

I am in no way saying they are safe and should be bought. I am just commenting about the overreactions and misconceptions. Sure I have had my fair share of micro line failures and every other kind of paintball gun failure, and it never quite equates to the way some people will try to portray it.

About that Droid that "Blew" up. That failure looks to me like a metalurgical failure. You have macro lines and another reg that should have failed waaaayyyy before the reg adaptor. Sure the reg on the tank may have been outputting too much pressure, but the secondary reg didnt do its job and regulate the air. Quick regulator lesson, as input pressures rise, the output pressure lowers. So if the secondary reg was doing its job, it will nearly shut off the air to the gun at some point. Most microline burst strenth is at 1200psi or less, so that is another reason to think that the reg wasnt outputting too high.
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Yes, that is a joke ---->
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Originally Posted by heinous View Post
but it would be interesting to know whether yours were fake or not. I am all for booing bad products but if all the bad ones are fake it would just be unfair for GA to have its name tarnished like that.

i also heard on the nation that a myth reg blew up a Droid. the owner posted pictures and MacDev replaced his Droid for free (even though it was the tank's fault). dunno whether that myth reg was genuine though.
They should be. They say 'Myth' on the gauge, they came in myth packaging, they had a paper manual with guerrilla air's contact info, and I bought them from hvacman250(pbpumpshop) here. They have the regulator parts in them, they aren't the crap shown above. They all spike like hell, I've hardly used them. Tried to use them to test guns, never taken them to the field. Cleaning has not fixed the problem, I would need new seals at the least. I haven't messed a gun up yet, but I've burst a bunch of macrolines, and have a hole in my shorts from when I had a gun on my lap and the macro blew while screwing the tank in. I know a couple people who have them without issues, but from all the ones I have been in contact with, 4 defective out of 7 is bad.

GA's customer service may be stellar and it is possible I could get new seals for them for free, but it just would be a waste of time for me as there are other things about the reg I don't like. If you choose the Myth, you may get a good reg, but considering all the fakes floating around, the spiking problems, the 'problems' with the design of the regulator, It's just not worth it. I can't recommend them to anyone.

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Originally Posted by Shane-O View Post
Makes me laugh when people say that their gun/tank/reg is gonna EXPLODE!!!!!! The only time that will happen is when the tank has oil introduced into it and a hot 4500psi fill is slammed into it. And how many times has that happened? 2 or 3 if I recall correctly. Wish the crazies would research the facts before spewing out crap like that. I blame some of it on the old picture of a catastrophicly failed tank, that was pressurized to 12,000psi or something similar, with a hole the size of an orange with threads all splayed out. Heck even tanks failing hydro isnt all that comon, which shows how safe the tanks themselves are. The other instigator is PBN, and the fact that they dont try and educate the kids, and let stupid rumors and untruths be posted. Seems to me PBN doesnt realize how much POSITIVE change they could do to this sport, and only seem to be about the money.

The "Fake" Myth regs are not gonna "Blow" up, they may fail, but not catostrophicly.
I have to disagree. If 3000 to 4500 PSI enters a marker there is a very real possibility that something may catastrophically fail. Quite a few markers are cast and not milled. Cast metal would not take that kind of pressure very well. Regardless of the semantics if that reg causes a marker part to fail, even a macroline, and an object were to hit an eye at high velocity it won't matter what word anyone used to explain what happen.

Number two meaning for "Explode" To burst violently as a result of internal pressure.
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Hey, here's a novel idea...

Someone get one and put it on a tank and be our guinea pig.

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Anyone else actually check out the TMT Paintball site?
They just scream stereotypical Chinese company trying to make a profit making crappy knockoff's of existing products for an industry they have zero experience in.
All the while claiming performance and quality.
Usually after an American company gives a Chinese company a contract to make a part and later, like magic
five other plants have the same design and are pumping out the same thing.

Here are the regs in question

HK..... so agg.
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I just laugh when I see all of these things pop up. I laugh because I know people and companies are jealous of what Danny and GA have accomplished.

I know Danny............and I know he is PISSED............and I know he means business when he says he will "find" those responsible.

Danny will make things right guys. As he says, he cares about the paintballer. Cmon, his own son plays.

Give it some time and Danny will hunt down the bad guys. Things will be right once more till another fool decides to copy and make another cheap knockoff.

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And Santa Clause is going to hunt down the grinch and save all the little who's in Whoville. Idk it will be really hard to find them in Asia.But in all seriousness, hopefully nothing bad happens to the innocent consumer.
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Originally Posted by tew sik View Post
And Santa Clause is going to hunt down the grinch and save all the little who's in Whoville. Idk it will be really hard to find them in Asia.But in all seriousness, hopefully nothing bad happens to the innocent consumer.

Should not be too hard if you have a map.

Contact us

Rosa Xiong takes charge of the customer service of TMT paintball.Any question or complaint about TMT Paintball please feels free to contact her. She can be reached at:
Tel: +86-13422902552
skype: roize1983

Headquarters: Rm.1610, Nan Fung Tower, 173 Des Voeux Road C.,Hong Kong
Tel: 00852-21527388, 00852-21527399
Mobile: 00852-64813303
Fax: 00852-35719160

Huizhou Branch Add: Rm.208, Maikete International Tower, No.63, Maidi Street, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China
Zip code: 516000
Tel: 86-752-2085116, 86-752-2085616
Mobile: 86-13928309418
Fax: 86-752-2085186

It puts the hands in the air or it gets the paint again.
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I just sent the following email to Rosa:

Dear Rosa,

Your counterfit regs are bad, bad, bad.



P.S. I just farted and it smells really bad.

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Originally Posted by ta2maki View Post
Not much different from the real myth's for guys like me. I have 4 of them that output full tank pressure. Fake or not, I don't recommend them.
You should call up GA and tell them, their customer service is top notch. If you have 4 of their reg that are fudged, chances are they are fake. Nonetheless I am sure that GA will replace them for free just to get the fakes/duds off the market.

My brother sent them a pretty beat up reg (really scratched up from vice grips, all the threads were completely stripped) he bought off a guy and they fixed all the threads AND reanno'd the reg FOR FREE. You can still see some of the scratches under the anno but it looks amazing. Best customer service I've seen in a while.
Originally Posted by HurtCow View Post
I suppose he mis-understood the meaning of MILF.
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