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CCM introduces the T-Grip pump handle

I would like to introduce to the pump community for your consideration a newly designed pump handle.

We call this the T-Grip. This by no means will replace any of our existing pump handles but adds to our line up of choices that we offer the pump player.This is our third pump handle this year that we have produced in our new "ribbed" grip style.

This new T-Grip will fit any of our existing pump kits with the CCM dual rod system.As many of you old school pump player know, CCM designed and produced the ever popular Dual Guide Rod system over 10 years ago.It has been the mainstay for CCM custom pump guns and many other pump guns for many years. We have for years hedged at changing the look of our traditional "round" finger grooved pump handle which is as much a trademark design as our feed necks. But as pump grows we have made the choice to grow with it and to continue to add to our expanding inventory of exciting new products.

I could tell you how ergonomic,lightweight,low profile and all the sales hype why you should own this "All New" miracle makes you play better product but really its just plain sexy looking.I will be posting some gun pics with the T-Grip in a day or so.

All of us at CCM would like to thank each and everyone of you for your support over the years.

And now for some pics.

yes those are inset guide plates.
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smells good!
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looks good!

how hard would it be to notch the handle, and then offer a "hitman-style" replacement insert guide plates?
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what stimpy said
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Awesome. Can't wait to feel one.
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man it looks like someone is really having fun in the cnc 5 axis world
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It will fit on my S6? Will a hitman mod be made for it?
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Hmmm, i'll have to see it on a gun first.
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I like it, looks fantastic! You guys would have to release this just after I finish my karni build! HAHA.
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Wait, looks like right handed only? I'm trying to imagine how you'd hold it. Looks really good though.

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suns out guns out
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hitman mods are for girls, man up and use this like a real pump handle. I love this new product!!!!
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