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Brass N Wood Fan
noob rebuild(pictures inside) help needed.


My hurricane is killing me,the story

Bought this gun of Titus

Cleaned it up removed all the black stuff.
Removed the "compensator".
Try restoring the stock,but then I saw the a blind man had worked on it.That didn't work so I bought a sheridan airrifle stock drilled it so it could except the Hurc.

That was done so I installed the sheridan to the stock and aired up.
then it was leaking EVERYWHERE.

So I gave me Hurc a hot bath like they said in an old thread here.
no luck...

Now what???experts what should I do can't dissamble because of two split pens in front of the lower tube.think that this picture doesn't help.

Plz help
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Remove the back end, take out the lug, and you're gonna need a Sheridan valve tool to remove the valve. There is most likely some shredded o-rings there.

The front part is really just the regulator. You can remove it by hammering a pin punch through it. It's just 2 pins in there.
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best of luck getting it running. The smallest parts that cause the biggest problems are the ones that will be the hardest to get to sometimes. Just a little more patience, I'm liking watching where you're going with this. Hope you get it solved soon!
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Palmers Fan
It will come apart very similar to a typhoon if you are trying to do a complete rebuild yourself on it...

if it's leaking from everywhere (most notably around where the steel braid goes in and also down the barrel and LPR area chances are all the seals in the lower tube and the coupler are shot and need to be replaced.

what's the problem with the roll-pins in the front of the lower tube? they should come out with no problem with the proper tools.
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Palmers Fan
Also a high tech method is to remove the stock then gas it up in the bathtub. If only to verify whats leaking. Also check out the Sheridan section for valve tool homebrews.
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Brass N Wood Fan
Got time for fixing this thing.

where were we o yeah leaking out of the front of the lower tube.out of the hole above the screw.

It's almost time to smash this thing to pieces.
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Tired old brass...
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Leaking from the over pressure relief hole... Hmmm...

Have you replaced all the seals in the low pressure regulator in the front of the lower tube?

Have you tried to air it up without the low pressure regulator adjustment screw to see if it still leaks? I had a buddy rebuild a typhoon back in the day and it was leaking out that hole so he sent it in to PPS. Turned out, he had tightened the adjustment screw too far and the gun was releasing the high pressure that resulted.

Does it have an over pressure adjustment screw on the compnent inside the low pressure regulator? See this thread: Regulator leak on Typhoon Could that be out of adjustment? I've also seen some that had difficulty sealing unless softer orings than normal were used.
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