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Originally Posted by xXMetalHead89Xx View Post
this is true... i haven't seen much bad things about em, though i prefer my bb. but hey to each there own. i still think that devour is nice
the problem is, although the phone is smart, the end user is still a retard or step above moron. I see it with BB's too, and i am a BB lover forever, someone buys phone, knows zero about phone they buy, does no research...gets phone, has no clue how it works, refuses to read manual...just hack their way thru crap...then they end up messing major things up and blaming the phone...when if they just took 5 min to read a manual nothing would have happened. It kills me...

Sure my phone went from making phone calls to sending message to now streaming the web, VOIP phone calls, calculating my mortgage, doing my GPS, and a million other things...yeah it got a million times smarter...yet the end user, the moron who hits the buttons...yeah they still stayed at the same intelligence level, or it actually got lower.
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Good point but companies need to keep that in mind while inventing new phones, you can't force people to read manuals so they have to create something idiot proof and stable. It's all about customer experience and keep them coming back. The best site I've ever seen is the HTC support. There are lists of questions with real answers, not canned answers and there are some unusual but common questions answered. HTC has the right mentality of customer support/experience for modern society.

Also wanted to point out that i slipped into a pool last week with my droid and ipod touch in my pocket. The droid is fine and my ipod is fried. Looks like my droid proved its eligibility to be my mp3 player too.
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I've had my Droid for 3 days and so far I love it!
Originally Posted by Ivan View Post
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Anyone else using their Droid for a music player? How're you guys syncing it? So far I've just dragged and dropped my itunes library in, cause Doubletwist doesn't seem to work with the Droid.
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i dont know, my droid is AWESOME, rediculiously fast. i have had no issues except the alarm clock...
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Whats wrong with the alarm clock?
Originally Posted by oldschool View Post
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keeps failing to go off... idk why. i was an hour late for work yesterday.
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My alarm clock on my hero is wonky too, to the point were I don't use it b/c I can't rely on it.
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My alarm clock works great...use it almost every day.

My Facebook app is acting up though.....
Also Google map app does weird things.

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I have a G1 and can attest to also having alarm clock problems. After two mornings of nothing, i have to remember my watch as a backup. I've seen quite a few accounts online of this happening. Not sure if it's an app thing or a phone thing. (ie: if getting a new app might help it)
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